Nintendo Says 3DS Is "Our Next Handheld Platform"

Dispelling any doubt over the significance of the upcoming 3DS, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has told BusinessWeek that the console is the company's "next handheld platform".

"We have ideas of what we want to bring to the consumer that we can't do with the current DS model", he said. "The Nintendo 3DS for us is our next handheld platform."

While this seemed likely given the fact that DS support for the 3DS is described as "backwards compatability", this is the first confirmation we've had that the 3DS will indeed be an all-new handheld platform, making it Nintendo's fourth after the Game Boy, Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS.

Nintendo Says 3DS to Be Biggest Handheld Product Since 2004 [BusinessWeek]


    And I got a DSi at launch. Guess I'm a moron.

      Im buying an XL and Im not an idiot. *puts on flame retarded coat*

    Mmm hmm... so was that excuse for the DS Lite, DSi and DSi XL aswell?

    If it was their next platform in their hand held range, why does it have DS in the name?

      For the same reason the GBA has "Game Boy" in the name?

      Also it was kind of confirmed in the statement they released about it in the first place. I forget the wording, but something along the lines of calling it the "successor to the Nintendo DS line". But it's nice to have definite clarification.

      It's not actually the official name as far as we know, i'd expect whatever it is to be confirmed at E3.

      Also with that logic, you could say the same of the GBA, GBC, etc. They have gameboy in the name, but they were still technically new hardware platforms. Plus, it does have dual screens (or at least can simulate them if that supposed leak is right in any way), so it would kinda fit.

      Perhaps 'Dual Screen' is a new brand for Nintnedo. Just like 'Playstation' is a brand of gaming devices for Sony.

      On the topic of next handheld, i always thought Nintendo where planning on releasing a new GameBoy to go alongside the DS brand? Perhaps the DS ended up doing better than they intitially predicted.

      Why did Nintendo just put "Super" in front of "Nintendo Entertainment System"? Why did Microsoft just put "360" onto the end of "Xbox"? Why are there three PlayStations (and a Portable)? What about putting "Colour" or "Advance" after "Gameboy"?

      It's practically industry standard to name a new system only slightly differently from its predecessor. It avoid customer confusion, and at this point DS is probably the most bankable system name in gaming (either that or Wii). It would be foolish of Nintendo to abandon it.

      Im guessing it will still have a Double Screen. Hence the name.

      3DS is a combination of 3D- which it is will have- and DS. It's quite clever really, if you pull your finger out for 10 seconds. My guess is that 3DS will be a completely new IP in that its games WILL NOT WORK ON CURRENT DS CONSOLES. Again this is not a secret.

      Incorporating a known brandname into new tech is not new, and indeed maintains instant brand recognition. iPods, Holden Commodores, Nike Air Jordans, indeed Playstations and Xboxs- they all have little in common with their similarly named predecessors. We all bitched at the time when the DS was NOT called a GameBoy. Here we are 5 years later bitching that the next one WILL still be a DS. When it will still play current DS games.

        Yes, because Xbox and Xbox 360 have little in common, don't they?

    Game boy advance had game boy in the name.....same thing here.

    Why is the GameBoy color not considered a separate platform? It's not like you can play Game Boy Color games on a standard Game Boy.

      Because some of them, you can. The GBC could play GB games, it also had GBC-enhanced games (which could still be played on a regular GB), then GBC-only games. It's kinda like the DSi, actually. It plays all the old DS games, it plays DSi-only games, and there's some that will play on the old DS but be enhanced on the DSi, like that KORG-10 Plus or whatever it's called.

    I'd be sooo keen for a new Ninti handheld. I played my original DS to death and had to buy a Lite (It still kinda works).

    But, I am not keen on this whole 3D fad. It really isn't impressive enough. I loved my 3D Simpsons Mag when I was 9 but the novelty soon wore off.

    Key word here: Fad, Novelty and may I add Gimmick???

    Just like the "gimmicky" touchscreen and motion controls?

    Boy I sure wish I had a dollar for every time someone made the lame gimmick argument. I'd be richer than nintendo.

      Hey, you can't tell me that there isn't 100 gimmicky pieces of shite on the Wii for every Piece of genius.

      Same with the DS, how many of those games would play exactly the same on a console without a touchscreen?

      I know it sells well but so do cigarettes.

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