Nintendo Slashes Wii Price In Australia

Nintendo Australia has today announced a price drop for the Wii console.

From tomorrow, to coincide with the launch of Monster Hunter Tri, the Wii console will carry a $299.95 recommended retail price, down $100. This applies to both the original white Wii and the recently released black Wii.

All Wii hardware will remain bundled with Wii Sports, but check your local retailer for any additional bundled games.

Nintendo also revealed the Wii has sold just shy of 1.8 million units in Australia since launch.

What's the best new Wii deal you've seen?


    Aww... I just bought a Wii a couple of weeks ago.

      Ouch. I'm sorry for your loss Ben.

    NOW you drop the price Nintendo? NOW, after I bought a Wii for my mother only a week ago?!?!?!?!


      My fiance and I did the exact same thing, only 2 weeks ago! But we paid $388 and got enough free games with it to make up for the extra $88 so it's not all bad.

    So what will the profit margin on each console sold? It's gotta be getting close to cost price, surely.

      I remember hearing Nintendo actually make a ton of crap inhouse instead of buying it all from third parties, aka ps3/360, so Nintendo actually make quite a larger profit margin on console sales.

    I can only imagine the tears coming from those who went to the trouble to trade in their old wii's to get a black model.

    About time... now try to slash the price of DSi and DSi XL as well... and DS Lite (if still in production)

      The DSi's Price was drop two weeks ago.

        $237 is still too pricy for DSi

        DS Lite should drop to $130
        (Note: I definitely can get a brand new DS Lite at this price overseas)

        DSi to $150
        DSi XL to $199

    So is this going to remain for some time or is just a promotion? o.O

      This is a permanent price drop.

    At least your only paying $299 for 4 hours entertainment now, not $399.

      amen to that

      hahaha. so true.
      ive had and sold my wii. over a year ago

    How did u get 4 hours of entertainment out of yours? What is your secret?

      Come on, guys, this is all a bit harsh. Away from all the fitness titles and worthless mini-game collections, the Wii has a strong library.

      Mario Galaxy, the Metroid Prime Trilogy, de Blob, House of the Dead: Overkill, Mario Kart, Smash Bros Brawl, No More Heroes, A Boy & his Blob, Muramasa, Little King's Story, Super Paper Mario, New Super Mario Bros, Cursed Mountain, Fragile Dreams, Dead Space Extraction, Wii Sports Resort, the Wii-makes of Pikmin, Mario Tennis and Jungle Beat... need I continue?

        Yeah I agree with David. Whilst the Wii in our house previously would have been played the least, it's now actually the console we play the most. And once we get Monster Hunter Tri this week, I can't see the console getting a moments break for a very long time.

        I'm actually more excited for the lineup of games on Wii this year than any other console. Apart from Halo Reach and Starcraft II, the rest of the games I want will be on Wii. Can't wait for Super Mario Galaxy 2, No More Heroes 2, Metroid Other M and the next Zelda (fingers crossed it makes it this year!) Not to mention the possibilities of plenty of quality VC and Wiiware games!

        None of those titles appeal to me in the slightest, cept maybe ssbb when bored/drunk. Zelda twilight princess is the only game i enjoyed...oh wait i have it on gamecube so i guess my hour count on wii is pretty abysmal and that was 3 and half years ago. C'mon ninty i'm in desperate need of a zelda console fix! :S

        Yes it's easy to bash the Wii because of it's lack of 'hardcoreness' but if any gamer gave it a proper go then they'd find some game get lost in. All the games David gave are fine fine examples of this and I'm sure there's plenty more to add.

    Well, I always said I'd buy the Wii when they decided to give it a price drop. I guess now's that time.

    @ hater & Ren Finlayson


    I've been using my Wii a bit more lately because of Red Steel 2. However when that turned out to be SH** I've gone back to other consoles with more quality games (namely 360/ Conviction) and no gimmicky control schemes. I love my Wii and I desperately hope Monster Hunter Tri is enough to stop me selling it. I'd probably end up getting a new black one if I did. Dammit Nintendo why do you have to be inviting yet so shallow to hardcore gamers.

    eb have the wii for 298, with overlord and the bigs2, cant wait to see what jb have

    Black Wii to match the rest of the entertainment unit, Monster Hunter Tri + Classic Controller Pro reminding me of the GameCube controller, Wii Speak so I may actually talk with my brother. Sounds like my weekend is planned...

    But will I be the only Aussie shouting "Get around... get AROUND!" when trying to coordinate a Qurupeco bring-down? That is the question.

    This is quite a big price drop... and just out of the blue aswell.
    What do they have up their sleeve?

    Wii HD that will carry the price the current Wii used to have??

    I find this odd thats its just Australia, as far as i'm aware of. Unless Nintendo do actually look at the AU dollar and think, oh HEY!
    Seeing as that is the RRP, then the console is gonna be sold for cheaper on a lot of occasions with bundles etc... or you are gonna get pretty much a lot of games for free. Usually Big W, Target & KMart have alot of bundles with games but its still around $40-$50 cheaper than the RRP of just the console.

    Then again, the Wii is only worth that anyway for a bit of plastic.

      Or maybe they looked at the price of the 360/PS3 in relation to the Wii and some deep-buried sense of decency took hold of them?

      Wii has been overpriced in Australia since launch, so $100 is actually make sense... in fact I reckon Nintendo can drop $150 and still make profit.

    Just wondering, I hadn't seen any Console + Monster Hunter Tri bundles advertised (I was planning to most likely buy a Wii if it were bundled with it)
    If someone is aware of a retailer having one of these bundles, please tell !

    Also, if there isn't a bundle, i'm likely to get MH:Tri from Big W, funnily enough, cheaper than JB Hifi's prices. This still leaves me to the decision on where to get the Wii though.

    GAME has a pretty good deal atm, $289 with 2 games. Ben 10 is a bit meh, but turtles smash up isnt that bad. Get some ,omey off P/O games when you buy your console there too, I think.

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