Nintendo's Kooky, Room-Moving Wii Accessory Kit

Tired of moving your Wii from one room to another? No, me neither, but just in case you are the type of person who has to shuffle their console from room to room, Nintendo's new "Wii Migration Connection Kit" has you covered.

Out now in Japan, and as an official first-party deal, it's a box that includes all the cords you need to plug a Wii into a TV set. So, a composite plug (sorry, component users), a power pack and a Wii sensor bar. The idea obviously being you plug them into your spare TV, so when you next need to move your Wii, you only need to unplug the console, not all its cords and attachments as well.

It's a pretty kooky idea, and surely one that's not affecting most customers, but remember, even if only 3% of Wii owners need something like that, that's still a fairly big market.

The kit is out today, and sells for ¥4200 ($49).


    Sigh. Nintendo remove component output from the Gamecube because not enough people are making use of progressive scan but THIS product has a market? Ah well...

    Maybe television manufacturers should just include these cords in the box as a factory option

    This actually looks handy for taking my (or a friends) Wii to our club. We frequently bring one or more Wiis and 360s to uni for gaming.

      There we have it. One in three users want this. Another squillion dollars for Nintendo.

    That is an awesome idea. I use my Wii as a media centre because once modded you can use FAT32 + NTFS harddrives. I watch tv or movies every night in my room, but have to bring the Wii out to the lounge room to watch movies on the big screen.

    Although i have 2 Xbox 360s they both stay in the lounge room, because the Wii is a better media centre due to being able to play NTFS hardrives.

      Have you tried a media server? My girlfriend and I both run one each to our respective consoles from a MAC & a PC and can get 5.1 Audio with no lag.

      Having also modded my Wii, I'm pretty sure media player also has a streaming option?

    I'm sure it will get it's share of detractors, but this is actually a really great idea. I've taken my Wii (and other consoles) to friends' places quite a few times but it's such a hassle to unplug everything when you have an entertainment unit with cables going everywhere. Being able to buy a spare pack of cables and accessories would make it a much more attractive exercise.

    Cause it's Nintendo and the Wii, its a stupid idea.

    But it's a good idea for something like a PS3 or 360 to be quite honest. I kept my spare Xbox for the reason i got sick of shifting it between rooms or taking to other peoples houses.

    So i just kept the old one. But then again, how often does one change it from ROOM to ROOM within their own house anyway. A spare is easiest if you take it to other peoples houses.

    Don't see how this is a kooky idea at all...
    And at that price its a bargain! (Though no component is lame...)
    I have multiple power bricks and component cables for my 360 for this exact purpose... the difference being the price is like 3 or 4 times...

    Its a good idea for people who loose of break their accessories since you cant buy them other than with a console and third party power supplies should never be trusted.

    But for GAWD FRIKKIN SAKE put in component cables!

    When I saw the headline for this and started reading, I assumed it was some kind of wireless/bluetooth device that you could plug into your wii and then also into the tv in another room - like a sensor bar with a wireless communication attachment or something.

    You'd think in this day and age they could do that!

      I was assuming the same thing, but at the same time was very skeptical, thinking to myself "This surely can't be right, that's a bit too technical for your average Wii owner". Unfortunately I was right to be skeptical, although this is a pretty good idea. Until setting up a gaming room, I was constantly moving my Wii console between my bedroom and lounge room.

    From a retail perspective, this can alternatively be sold to the butt-tonne of retarded mouth-breathers in the West who are constantly "feeding their Nintendo cables to the dog", "leaving the technical work up to the 3 year old", or otherwise "stealing their next door neighbours Wii, but forgetting to snatch the power pack at the same time".

    Oh wait, one of those wasn't really a euphemism... :|

    Regardless, money will be made.

    I would actually buy this. because on the rare occasion someone wants me to bring the wii to their house, its such a hassle getting my cords out from the wall unit, as its all routed through several areas, up the back and into the amp which is all tangled with my PS2 and my 360 and my DVD player and my TV and the sensor bar is really really stuck on the top of my plasma, plus the amp does not move out a lot because of cable lengths from other devices restricting it, so i cannot see the back of it really well... so yeah. I would buy this, then u could just grab the unit and that box and be good to go.

    Awesome just what I need, but can we get some component cables please?

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