No Additional DLC For Green Day: Rock Band

Point of clarification: The tracklist for Green Day: Rock Band revealed this weekend included six songs labelled "DLC". These have always been available for Rock Band 2. A producer says there won't be any additional tracks released for this game.

The six DLC cuts are from last year's rock opera 21st Century Breakdown, the remainder of which will be included with the game. Harmonix' Chris Foster explained to Plastic Axe why there'll be no extra DLC for this game when there was for last year's Beatles counterpart.

"One of the reasons we could do open-ended DLC for The Beatles is that it's all tiny clips, and we could just reconfigure them for different songs as needed — and dreamscape backgrounds similarly had that.

With this, we're really creating sculpted experiences for every single song; there's an animation that plays all the way through, pretty much. That's something that's not really practical to do open-ended. So we decided we were going to make DLC just about finishing 21st Century Breakdown, using the DLC that was already out.

That created a great three-album game, and also let us give each of those [six DLC tracks]unique assets, more than we could easily pack into a DLC pack. Those songs have their own video-wall assets, their own [motion capture] ."

Other tidbits: There's no pre-Dookie (1994) tracks because of restricted access to the band's master recordings. And there'll be no access to the main Rock Band store for other songs because - are you listening Activision? - "we want to have Green Day performing Green Day songs".

Exclusive: One-on-One with Green Day: Rock Band Project Lead Chris Foster [Plastic Axe via 1Up]


    There are far too many Guitar Hero/Rock Band games and, as I predicted 18 months ago, its all burning out.
    The shit sales of Beatles and DJ hero are testament to this.

    What should have happened is Guitar Hero and Rock Band release the core game and all the musicians, bands, artists etc can release their album as DLC on each platform.

    There should not have been a Beatles game. It should have been DLC.
    Same with Green Day. This game wont sell. The whole damn Green Day game should be DLC.

      Here Here

      I thought this was a no-brainer when World tour was released.

      But no DLC in this game? come on. the kids are already going to be depressed playing this game, theres no need to bring them down more...

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