Not All Yakuza Girls Are "Just" Hostesses

One at least is a porn star. But not Sayaka Araki. She's a fashion model, a DJ and a business tycoon.

Japanese crime game Yakuza allows players to visit night clubs and chat with hostesses.

Araki, who appeared in Yakuza 3 as a hostess, is the president of her own beauty products company that sells cosmetics and lingerie. Besides working as a fashion model, she even penned a style book! She also moonlights as a DJ, even releasing a CD. She also auditioned to appear in Yakuza 4, but didn't make the final cut. Bummer.

Oh, and she does work as a hostess under the name Riona Aihara.

In related Yakuza 3 "news", Daisuke Miyagawa, who lent his voice to the game, apparently has quite a small johnson.

Yakuza 3 was released this spring in the West — minus the bar hostesses.

Sayaka Araki Koakuma Ageha fashion model [Japan Sugoi][Pic]


    (scratches screen in lament of the lost hostess clubs)

    scratching myself because it simply needs doing

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