Not That Far From The Truth

We didn't turn out too badly, did we? A comic from famed '80s - early '90s prophet Gary Larson, found via Reddit.


    Ah Gary Larson. That makes we want to crack open the complete Far Side hard covers I have.

    My Mum had this cartoon up in her office at work for some time. Unfortunately I still haven't found a position for an experiences gamer.

      My Mum had this on our fridge for many years! I think I would take the killer goomba job

    The irony of this comic for the very few who does earn money playing games... QC testers and profesional gamers alike. Haha!

    Man, I love The Far Side. The only bad thing about it is that Larson retired.

    Holy heck, I've actually had this pinned to my corkboard right in front of me from about six or seven years!

    Cool coincidence, broski!

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