OK, This Naughty Bear Victim Deserved To Die

You'd figure any bear living in the woods would constantly be on the lookout for bear traps.

I mean come on, not only is this latest victim of Naughty Bear's homicidal rampage a bear in the woods, he's a bear in the woods that seems to be scanning the ground as he walks.

I'll chalk this one up as a mercy killing.

Naughty Bear is due out on June 8 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.


    Would be nice if they had a Bundy Bear cameo, no doubt Naughty Bear would love the Drop Bear scenario...

    Ok so i've played this game for a few hours...

    first off, SUper fun. deep, and sorta sickly sweet. good a.i., graphics are so-so but fitting in a saturday morning cartoon way, good music (changes as you get more badass), funny bear voices and mega kills, sort of little cutscenes (you'll see if you play) are hilariously fiendish. the more you explore things the better it gets, and watching the bears is actually entertaining. but one thing that makes this so-so is the size of the island - it's too small, making the scenery all too recognizeable after you play for a few hours. if this game had a bigger environment and more bears, like a bear city or something - man this would be amazing. overall, a must play, and something you'll never forget. just dont' show it to your little sister mouahhahahahahahaha!!!!!

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