Old Game Sells For Over $30,000

Old Game Sells For Over $30,000

Remember that crazy auction for an old Taiwanese bootleg masquerading as Atari classic Air Raid? Well, it just went under the hammer. For over $30,000.

Yes, when the dust settled over the weekend’s bidding, 52 shots at taking home the game had been made, with the winning bid coming in at $US31,600. Not bad considering the appeal comes from the game simply having a box, and not just the game itself.

This version of “Air Raid” is in fact a piece of hacked code, with much of the game ripped from another old Atari game, Space Jockey. Still not sure the weirdness and box make it worth over thirty grand, but since there are only a handful of these games left on the planet, you can see why serious collectors go serious with their bidding.

AIR RAID with Original Box – Very Rare Atari 2600 Game [eBay]


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