One Piece Localisation Or Censorship?

Cigarettes into lollipops, guns into water guns, wine into water. These aren't religious miracles, but rather, something else entirely. Hooray!

Japanese anime One Piece has been localised for the US market, and that localisation isn't limited linguistic translation, but a cultural localisation with things like cigars and cleavage erased.

Bathing, which in Japan is done totally naked and with strangers at hot springs and public baths, is turned into swimming with characters dressed in bathing suits.

In the above clip, the Japanese original anime is on the left and the American version is on the right.

Originally a manga, One Piece has also been spun off into nearly 30 video games for systems ranging from the WonderSwan and the PS2 to the Nintendo DS and the Wii.

アニメ『ワンピース』、日本版とアメリカ版ではこんなに違う [へちま]

Update: As those who who watch One Piece in English are well aware, the series is currently available in North America in an unedited and uncut version. The previous version was heavily censored.


    The above clip doesn't make sense - how could he have defeated Crocodile if he wasn't bleeding?

    I knew that editing was bad, but since i never really watched one piece and most of the anime i wach is fan subs in their original language i never really realised untill now, how bad and extream some of the censorship actually was.

      I Agree, I already knew about the pokemon controversy, but I didn't know just how bad it was until I started to watch stuff like Bleach and Death Note in Both Original Japanese and then English. Although I can understand some changes (Changing various japanese foods westerners are unlikely to know to western foods) But Sometimes you just have to wonder if they even know what they're doing.

    And they wonder why downloading of subbed anime is so widespread.

    that was really fail.

    Wow that is positively AWFUL. I've been patiently waiting for them to release One Piece DVD collections here in Australia (with the japanese audio fully intact of course), but I would think twice about buying them if they were modified like this. :/

    Thank god they changed those rice balls to cookies!

      Oh I agree, and thank god they changed Luffy's(?) big ass grin to a stupid smile... I could have been offended there.

    haha they can breathe smoke! reminds me of this -

    One Piece is actually oone of the worst examples of editing, partly because 4kids decided to adapt it for a younger western audience.
    Naruto also suffered when it was adapted, with the removal of blood and certain scenes, but also cursed with bad translation and a horrible theme song

      No it did not
      Naruto did not suffer in any way shape or form
      It didnt have a bad translation at all,certain scenes were removed but they had little to no impact
      I dont know what show you were watching but the blood edits were minor at most, almost non existant
      God I hate when naruto fans say that, you have no idea what bad editing is and yet you think it got bad edits
      But maybe you didnt see the version on cartoon network and saw the other version made by jetix that was on put in the mornings
      Then that would be a reasonable excuse to say so
      Otherwise no, just no

    That really is terrible, and sad. Thus the reason I stick to fansubs and the manga. Hell, even the western release of the manga from VIZ isn't given that treatment...

    So tattoos are unacceptable for children to see now? And the guy that smokes all the cigars.. what, he just exhales smoke all the time for no reason? Classy.

    I loled at some of those. I've only seens the censored version of it and it looks ok but seeing what the uncut version looks like is making me want to watch the whole series.

    Any idea on that last one? Are big mouths (no pun intended) really that offensive?

    My god. For the amount of effort they must go to, to redraw every single scene like that, why don't they just make a whole new bloody anime?


    4Kids are so cute :P

    'sides, I originally found it wierd, but now I watch all anime in japanese with subtitles. The voices are just better (usually) :P

    any news on when the next season is coming, already like 6 years behind, and i dont remember seeing any mention of it being on telly after the Alabastor Arc i think.

    Umm... this is rather insanely old news >.>;;

    Most of the One Piece fandom have pretty much ripped this censorship topic to itty bitty pieces of tissue paper a while back when the 4Kids version of the anime aired =P

    Actually these editing shinanigans have been around since the days of Nausicaa and Sailormoon xD

    What DOES Luffy do when he fights Crocodile? He suddenly starts oozing water or something? :S

    I do not think the original localisation was censor ship.

    I actually think it was a crazy attempt to take a mature anime and make it appropriate for children.

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