Online Gaming, In Pictures!

The statistics involved in online gaming - whether that be on PC or console - can be overwhelming when presented as raw numbers. Thank heavens for infographics, then.

You may have seen some of these before, you may not have, doesn't matter. They always look better in green, with controllers and ODST troopers plastered all over them.

If statistics are your thing, we ran a pretty big survey recently; you can check out the results in infographic form here, or in full here.

Via: Online MBA


    Geez, you can kind of see why developers are starting to hate pc gamers.

    Also, 42 percent of the online market is women?

      How is that so suprising? In australia its preety much a 50/50 split of male to female gamers, and with other research showing alot of those female gamers play MMOs, it only makes sense

    well im not surprised that the PC market download MW2 that's what you get when you don't support the PC community its there own fault

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