Online Gaming Rig Redefines The Meaning Of "Multiplayer"

This guy doesn't just play massively-multiplayer title EVE Online. He plays it as multiple characters, so that he can get more of the good stuff. Thing is, he doesn't use software. He does it the old-fashioned way.

Multiple monitors, multiple mice, even multiple keyboards, all connected with conduit pipe and, of all things, dowel.

At best, this is bad sportsmanship, at worst, it's cheating (even if it isn't explicitly outlawed under EVE's rules), but either way, you have to admire the craft that goes into a rig like this.

EVE Online [Zhek Kromtor]


    Whatever happened to good old KVM switches?

    That said, kudos on the effort.

    I was about to say the same thing about the switch,or some kind of scenario in which the guy only needed one keyboard.
    Im really not that impressed by this, its just desperation, and none of the cool.
    This seems like the laziest solution to an issue thats already super lame.

    Multi-boxing has existed as far back as Ultima. You should check out the guy who has 36 WoW characters and no girlfriend ;)

    I guess I'd be impressed if all those monitors were actually different screens for the one game...

      He actually do play 8 games at once. He's playing on 8 separate accounts, running 8 clients.
      This gives enormous advantage in EVE Online. When I was one of the big names in that game I did the same, but with only 5 accounts. With 5 accounts you can setup a pirate ganking squad that can take out motherships ans POS'es (Player Owned Stations). Imagine what an 8 ship squad can do. And I won't even begin talking about how insanely amounts of ISK you can earn per hour if you setup a mining corp with 8 account's.

    I don't see how this is bad sportsmanship or cheating. I haven't actually played the game but wouldn't it be exactly the same as if he partied up with a few friends? You could argue anytime teamwork was necessary he'd have an advantage but I'm sure his difficulty in controlling all those characters would disadvantage him just as much, and realistically a good team should be as good as a single guy controlling each character.

    What I want to know is how many computers with what kind of specs does it take to run them all. And how much of his life he spends playing it.

    I bet porn looks great on that rig...

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