Ousted Modern Warfare 2 Creators Respawn, Sign With EA

The drama involving the creators of the biggest franchise in gaming continues as Jason West and Vince Zampella, the fired former lead creators of Modern Warfare 2, have formed a new company, Respawn Entertainment. EA, their formal rival, is backing.

The Monday morning news announcing the new company follows a Friday that saw Activision, the mega-publisher that fired Jason West and Vince Zampella from their leadership positions at Modern Warfare development studio Infinity Ward, suing the ousted creators for "misdeeds." West and Zampella had sued Activison a month prior.

But today the two creators are announcing a new company and an exclusive publishing deal with Activision rival Electronic Arts.

"Respawn Entertainment marks a fresh start for Jason and me," Zampella said in a statement. "For the past decade we led a great development team and poured our hearts into creating an epic game franchise. We're very proud of what we built – and proud that so many millions of fans enjoyed those games. Today we hope to do it all over again — open a new studio, hire a great team, and create brand new games with a new partner, EA."

"We're excited," West said. "Now that the team is in control of the games and brands, we can ensure that the fans are treated as well as they deserve."

While West and Zampella's experience has recently involved military first-person shooters, including EA's Medal of honour series, which they worked on prior to handling Call of Duty and Modern Warfare for Activision, they offered no details on the new game.

The release indicated only that "the company will focus on creating state-of-the-art gaming experiences for global audiences."

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    Activision continue to drop valuable games and in this case, developers and EA continue to pick them up.

    EA's corporate evil is no match for Activision
    s Comicbook supervillainy. Hate to say it, but i'm loving EA these days.

    I'd be interested to see them tackle something besides war shooters.

    Let just hope that when the make games, they don't shafted the PC audience.

    no more noob warfare, lag, overpriced dlc, crap online?

    Justice. EA was once the big bad bastard but their releases over the last couple of years show a huge turnaround.

    I would love to see what these guys can do without Activisions pumping out titles mantra. Hopefully EA can give them some more room there.

    Shame though they will assumedly lose the Call of Duty 4 engine. Though its far from the best looking engine, its bang for buck is incredible. On PC I mean. Mind you, the new Medal of Honor looks pretty good too, but might not give you the same kind of quality on lower end PC's as COD4 does.

    Heres hoping plenty of IW guys jump ship!

      may be a while before IW guys can jump ship depending on contract/termination agreements

      Isn't the Call of duty engine a modified version of the unreal engine, which is licensed by Epic Games and Microsoft? that's what I've read

        No, the COD4 engine is based on id Tech 3 (Quake3) which id has open sourced. No one needs a licence.

          Fairly heavily modified if I'm not mistaken :(

    Kick ass and take names boys, integrity will win the day every time.

    Well I guess that was pretty likely.

    These guys have talent, I hope it all works out them, for their sake and ours.

    Microsoft should have picked them up.
    They could really use a good 1st party FPS developer.

    You'd have to assume that they won't be making war shooters, with BF and MOH already in EA's catalogue. Don't particularly like Zampella and West anyway from inside stories I'd heard about them and their incredible arrogance. Couldn't care what they do. Not sure where COD goes from here either.

    Didn't they leave EA to form IW?

      In short, yes, they did.

    LOL they haven't learnt their lesson? Wowzaaaaaa

    You'd think, being those two guys and being sought after by alot of publishers - they would think "Hey if they want us, they would go by our rules".

    I gather this means Respawn whatever they're called are owned by EA then? No? If so - then stupid choice. Cause it COULD just happen all over again with EA though. This exclusive publishing deal may only be for a particular franchise/game and only so many - but if they sign their company away so to speak, then they haven't learn anything.

    But i guess the real question is: Can they actually produce any quality material? Sure the money is there, but are they just gonna try and make a COD killer to get back at Activision or put their so called talent to use and make something, maybe the same but great or something new and exciting?

    Hopefully they do keep on making War based FPS, and keep them in present day.

    There's not enough triple A, present day, War-based, FPS these days (excluding simulations, they're coming thick and fast).

    The CoD franchise came out of their last desertion, maybe they can something good will come out of this one.

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