Pac-Man In Leather, In Your Back Pocket

To mark the thirtieth anniversary of everyone's favourite pellet muncher, Namco Bandai is releasing a commemorative wallet in Japan this May. It comes in three colours and is priced at ¥14,800 ($173). Wakka wakka!

Designed by Toru Iwatani, the original Pac-Man was released in Japanese arcades in May 1980. The country, and soon the world, was hit with Pac-Man Fever.


    These are really tastefully designed. It's nice the use of colour was not obnoxious, as it tends to be in many game-themed wallets.

    Do Want

    i want the black one, but i want pacman and the dots to be coloured yellow.

    I want the black one, as is. But it's way too exspensive :(
    I hate getting older and not being able to blow huge ammounts of cash on my hobbies. Well, ... at least without feeling guilty and facing the "unpleasant consequences".

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