PAX East Is Over, Time To Register For PAX West 2010

It seems like only five days ago that the inaugural PAX East came to a close, and now pre-registration for PAX... West? Just PAX? What the hell do we call it now? Anyway, you can buy tickets now.

It looks like the official PAX website is referring to the Seattle branch of Penny Arcade's annual convention PAX Prime. I suppose that's okay, but it really isn't official until it carries the Matric of Leadership deep within its chest cavity, ready to light our darkest hours.

Speaking of darkest hours, PAX tends to sell out, no matter which side of the country it's being held on, so if you plan on hanging about the Seattle Convention centre from September 3 through September 5, you might want to lay down your $US55 now. That $US55 becomes $US60 on September 3, but I wouldn't worry too much - tickets will be long gone by then.


    got my tickets :)

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