Perfect Dark Controls Get A Little More Advanced In April

Southpaws, rejoice, as the Xbox Live Arcade version of Perfect Dark gets new Advanced Control options in the next title update, as seen on Twitter.


    "Lock sight"

    I hope to god that this makes it so the reticle stays in the centre of the screen, instead of the horrible current system where the right thumbstick makes both the screen and reticle move.

    Yes an updated control scheme would be better, the look accelerates too quickly and you easily overshoot your target.

    Still a great game though.

    Oh ffs man. UPDATE THE AIMING YOU LAZY DEVS!!! it's basically the worst thing ever. Played the game for 2 hours and just could not take it anymore. Haven't played my xbox since.

    thank you. i am constantly amazed at the number of games where southpaw is neglected

    Man, this game is FUN as. Nice to see that there's going to be improvements! :D

    you noobs....the aiming is supposed to be like that. just takes a bit of time to learn, then it's mint. Good to see some new options, as good as the Xbox controller is for most games, I still can't seem to get the same speed / strafing power as I could with the crazy N64 setup.

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