Perhaps The Most Comprehensive Game Loading Comparison Ever

Want to know how fast the new Fist of the North Star game loads? On PS3? Xbox 360? How about the Xbox 360 version with the game installed to the hard drive and downloadable content installed? Then watch this video.

Some enterprising enthusiast of Tecmo Koei's recently released Fist of the North Star (aka Hokuo Musou) put the game to its paces—at least in terms of how quickly it loads to gameplay—in six different ways. That includes the game running off a DVD, off a Blu-ray disc, off hard drive installations and with the fan service-filled downloadable content installed. The clear winner? The PlayStation 3 version that's installed to the system's hard drive.

The loser, as it were, well, we'll let the video do the talking.


    So that game has a mandatory install for PS3 then?

      Even still, its still significantly faster then the 360 install. How long does the 360 install take on average anyway?

        According to my friend it takes about 30 mins to an hour to install games to the hardrive, but its worth it due to lower load times.

        It takes about five minutes.

    Didnt expect to be some much between them... I guess this proves that total size doesnt have as much of an effect on loading time as the games architecture does.

    pretty fast, but what if it was a game that not optimized for the PS3 or a comparison from when the game is put in the machine including the install?

      Sure, this video does prove that you will get faster loading times with this game on the PS3, and perhaps doesn't reflect anything to do with the hardware as such.

      But then where do you draw the line with a 'fair comparison'? Someone is always going to complain about a test being geared to suit one console or the other.

      I think including the original install time as a loading comparison is kind of silly as it only happens once ever and isn't testing much more than the data transfer rate between the game media and the HDD.

    Sloppy programming from a Japanese developer? Especially on the platform they have the least interest in? SAY IT AIN'T SO!

    From that it looks like it's reading from the HDD and BD at the same time. I'd say of course that that is faster than just reading from the HDD.

    But that's just what I got from the video, I have no idea if it actually does read off the disc and hard drive at the same time.

    That was too confusing to me.

      I approve!

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