Polaroid Gets Into The Video Game Business

Odd. Polaroid, a brand 100% of you will know for its instant cameras, is releasing a line of video game accessories, including battery packs, controllers and headsets.

If this sounds weird, remember, Polaroid filed for bankruptcy in 2008, and has emerged in 2010 a very different company, one that thinks it's a good idea to appoint Lady Gaga as a "Creative Director" and... start selling video game accessories, a market that it doesn't exactly have to itself.

It's a random decision, but, best of luck to the company! If anything, the Polaroid logo is a lot classier than anything Mad Catz has come up with to date.

Polaroid enters games sector [MCV]


    I don't get why they weren't an early adapter of digital cameras, the technology that killed them in the first place.

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