Pray For A True Tan In Space

Metroid's conclusion, the HD remake. As seen on Albino Raven.


    Seeing as the next metroid game is made by the same idiots that made Dead or alive: Paradise (a game that actually makes me want to puke), I wouldn’t be surprised if we get a gratuitous cutscene of Samus eating an ice cream while wearing a bikini that would make a shoelace feel fat.

    Samus is one of the rare video game heroines that hasn’t been turned into eye candy, let’s try to keep it that way.

      I read a hands on review of Metroid: Other M in NGamer and so far they're only guilty of a shot of her arse in her Zero suit.

      Personally I prefer Samus in her bulky suits. She manages to make them sexy. Zero suit Samus is useless >_< DO know the Justin Bailey code right? Even in 1986 Nintendo programmers saw her as a piece of arse, and allowed their customers to see her as such, running around in her zero suit/bikini.

    You can really tell that their technology is far more advanced than ours - Samus doesn't have helmet hair.

    have you played super smash bros brawl? alot of zerosuit samus moves are super sexy style attacks.

    She is a sex object now, a sexy one.

      Because Brawl is nothing but fan-service.

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