Project Natal And Its Instruction Manual(!) In The Wild

Looks like the Xbox 360's motion sensing add-on is already in the wild and, more imporatntly, in the hands of someone willing to grab spy shots of the thing and the Project Natal hardware set up guide.

While we're trained to ignore video game manuals, the Project Natal set up guide - which still refers to it by its code name - tells us a thing or two we didn't know about before, including that the camera accessory will require its own power source and include a "new motorised tilt mechanism".

"Do not manually tilt the sensor array on its base," warns the Natal quick start guide. "Doing so can damage the tilt mechanism." Sounds fretfully delicate.

We've contacted Microsoft to get confirmation that this early look at Natal is the real deal and find out more about the hardware specifications provided within. has more shots of the Natal demo unit, should you be curious.

Le prime foto di Natal in esclusiva mondiale su! []


    I'm rapidly running out of usb ports on my 360.

    One's gone to the wireless networking adaptor, one to the microphone charger and one to the plug and play charger for the controllers.

    Where do we install this... there's only 3 ports?

      Take OUT the Microphone charger?
      Fairly simple.

      Besides - you can charge your headset via a PCs USB port anyway.

    Scratch your disc, ruin your, you should just never touch your 360, something bad always happens!

    Haha surely they wont be keeping the name "Project Natal"? Altho we have no issue asking for Nunchuks and (soon) Moves I spose...

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