PS3 Gets Major League Baseball Games

According to the New York Times, Sony will tomorrow spill the beans on a deal that will see Major League Baseball games streamed live to PlayStation 3 consoles.

Seems that by the end of the week, Americans will be able to turn on their PS3, sign up to the league's MLB.TV service, and watch "out of market" games over the PlayStation Network.

It's of course not free; like Netflix, you'll need to pay the MLB.TV subscription, which will set you back $US100 for the standard package or $US120 for a "premium" deal.

That's, uh, steep. But if you're a sports fan, and would rather watch the games streamed to your big TV instead of a phone or your desktop computer (and don't already own a set-top box that supports MLB.TV), this might still sound like a good idea. Does it? I don't know. $US100 a year for baseball games sounds crazy.

Kotaku AU Note: What would you pay per season to get AFL, NRL, A-League or other ballsports streamed via your console?

PlayStation To Stream Pro Baseball [New York Times]


    I'd pay that for MLB or NHL here in Aus, but I love them both so I'm obviously bias.

    I'd definitely pay that for AFL too. As long as it got every game, and some live. And if you can record it with PlayTV, even better.

    as a displaced Canadian living down under I'd love to see them to a deal with the NHL, foxtel is shit and doesn't cut it for ice hockey coverage.

    I'm with Harlequiine on this one. I'd kill to be able to stream MLB games to my ps3. Don't really want to fork out the $1k+ a year for foxtel just to watch MLB.

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