PS3 More Likely To Be Online Than 360 Or Wii

We know all three current-generation home video game consoles can connect to the internet, but which one is connected to the internet the most? A new study claims to have the answer.

The Diffusion Group reckon that, having presumably polled a sample group of console owners, that the PlayStation 3 enjoys the highest level of online connectivity amongst its userbase, with 78% of PS3s hooked up to the internet.

The Xbox 360 follows closely at 73%, while unsurprisingly the Wii lags behind at 54%. The quick and easy possible reason for this is the fact online gaming is free on the PS3, but I've my suspicions it has more to do with Sony's console having built-in wi-fi than anything to do with paid online services.

Study: PS3 Has Highest Percentage Of Connected Consoles [Gamasutra]


    I used to have my 360 hooked up via internet sharing with my PC and it was a hassle because I wasn't getting the best visuals out of it.

    It's a pity it didn't have wi-fi built into it. My PS3 slim simply connects to my wi-fi every time I play with no problems whatsoever.

    My Wii connects seemlesly via wifi and I have downloaded plenty of classic and a few new games for it.

    My 360 does not have wifi -sadly. I'm NOT going to pay $150 for a wifi adaptor (what a rip off!). Microsoft is definately missing out on my money for Live games, even though theres plenty I would like.

    The xbox has no Wifi because they saw a window to charge suckers like me $170 for a bloody dongle that normally costs $30!

    A poll, are you kidding me, a poll doesn't provide you with anything useful. There are way to many variables in poll data to come to any good conclusion in these types of studies. Stupid Poll is stupid.

      Are kidding me? This the the food of fanboy wars. Its great! Now just sit back and watch.. (^^)

    The 360 wifi dongle has 2 wireless adapters in one. One running the usual 802.11b/g at 2.4GHz and the other running the less common 802.11a at 5GHz.

    802.11a was more expensive and that was one of the reasons it never took off, it seems that MS decided to place a priority on the ability to plug it in and have it work rather than in lowering the cost and having to have 2 SKUs or just telling 802.11a users that they're out of luck

    Its certainly not the way I'd have done it, I'd have shed the 802.11a users because they're just not numerous enough and sold it for a lower price. Balancing it with the knowledge that you'd get SOME irate 802.11a users even after putting a big note on the box saying the wireless adapter only works with the 2.4GHz 802.11b/g.

    When you examine the underlying technology, you'll see that there's a hell of a lot more to it than simple greed.

    Well you could just hook up a wireless laptop to your xbox 360 and connect to the internet through there.

    Also wireless connections aren't stable for online gaming, especially for games that require minimal lag, i.e. such as fighting games and first person shooters.

    I've noticed that over 9 million Ps3 users have played- whether owned rented or borrowed- MW2 online. What is X360 up to now?

    Yeah, I only plug in my 360 when I want to use Live. I have a wireless router but will never pay that ridiculous price for that THING.

    I'm also not going to pay $70-$90 a year (whatever the price is now)for online multiplayer because I don't even have enough time to play through all the single player campaigns.

    When I got my initial free month I really enjoyed SF IV, even if it was as laggy as all shit.

    "Don't aim for where he is, aim for where he's going to be!"

    The PS3 is so easy to connect, I login even without need it. This is most likely the reason for the high usage.

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