PS3 'Remote Play' Also Comes To PCs (VAIO PCs, At Least)

Last week's update to the PlayStation 3 did more than just make Sony's console 3D game ready, it also added future support for Remote Play content streaming on PCs - specifically Sony's VAIO brand of PC.

PS3 firmware 3.30 updated the console with several Trophy enhancements and the ability to play stereoscopic 3D games, the latter expected to arrive some time this winter. According to release notes from the European PlayStation site, the ability to access your PS3 from your VAIO PC was also in there.

Here's the official word.

You can now select [PC]as an option under [Remote Play Settings]> [Register Device] . When you select this option, you will be able to use the remote play feature to operate your PS3 system from future models of the VAIO PC. Details of this feature will be announced on the official VAIO website at in May 2010.

The official VAIO web site doesn't offer much in the way of further detail on that promised VAIO support, other than it appears to be tailored specifically to hipster girls with big glasses and guys with cool hats. But it does extend Remote Play support beyond the PSP and gets the Sony line of products closer to that great big PlayStation Network where everything Sony is talking to everything else Sony.

Update Features (3.30) [PlayStation UK via Electric Pig]


    Huh. Never expected this.

    I can't wait :D

    I mean, I have a macbook, but my brother has a VAIO. :)

    It Also added a fade time between Music tracks. Under Music settings you can now set cross fade from 0 to 10 sec.

    LOL just got ps3 and bout to get vaio from uncle free LOL

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