PSP Store Display Invites Upskirts

You got to give it to Japanese marketing people. For better or worse, they know how to do attention grabbing in-store displays. This one for PSP brawler Ikki Tousen Xross Imapct is no exception.

The display features schoolgirl Ikki Tousen schoolgirl characters Ryofu Housen and Sonsaku Hakufu and their skirts, which patrons are invited to patronize? Underneath Sonsaku's skirt is...

A pre-order incentive reminder.

And under Ryofu's plaid skirt are words of wisdom from the game's producer, pearls like there's nothing to be ashamed of because this will energize and live on tomorrow.

In-store displays for adult games are even more blunt — not that this PSP game display isn't blunt!

公式に女子高生のスカートめくりがOK 「あなたの勇気が試されている」 [AkibaOS]


    @Sandarken: Covering things in bacon?!

    Is this what gaming has become? A lot of it is sex now which is fucking sad.

      Well, seeing as the game based on Ikkitousen, it is to be expected.

      This is based on an anime/manga that is heavy on this sort of thing, so this is entirely a reflection on the audience for the series.

    Is plaid the American word of tartan? Do they think Tartan sounds rude?

    I miss that guy from Ikkitousen, the first series, he was missing a tooth...I think he was director. Or some sort of deviant.

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