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This review was submitted by Michael Busuttil. If you’ve played God of War III, or just want to ask Michael more about it, leave your thoughts in the comments below.

God of War III (PS3)

Here it is, the closing chapter in a trilogy of roaring revenge spanning 5 years. After months of hype, there's only one question left: is it as good as the previous two (or any good at all)?


The Graphics: We've heard a lot about this. Apparently Kratos's in-game model wouldn't fit in the PS2's memory, and things like that. Looking at the game, this is quite possibly true. From start to finish, this is one of the best looking games I've seen yet. From the opening, an intense assault on Mount Olympus, to the ending, the game sparkles. One sequence near the end (which I won't describe) particularly stands out graphically – you'll know it when you see it.

The Set Pieces: If there's one thing these games do well, it's set pieces. The battle with the Colossus in II was pretty special, but the battles in III blow it out of the water. You'll fight titans and gods and maybe even a demi-god, and all of them are spectacular – not just visually, but in concept and execution.

The New Stuff: The game introduces lots of new things – characters, weapons, magic, items, collectibles. All of them are properly thought out and planned, and everything has a use. The new weapons are all as cool as the blades, the magic is impressive, the items are fun – this is clearly an area they've put a lot of thought into.

The Voices: The game's voice cast is outstanding, from the returning cast (especially TC Carson as Kratos) to the new, which includes such voices as Rip Torn and Malcolm McDowell. In an age where voice acting appears to be an afterthought in many games, you'll think you're listening to real people.


The Length: This is not a long game. I tend to think of myself as a slow-to-average gamer, and I finished it in less than 8 hours. If you want an epic, lengthy experience, you'll have to play it on the hardest difficulty, and it still won't take you very long. This is unfortunate, really: the story is perfect, and I'd rather a short, good game than hours of filler, but maybe a little more wouldn't have gone astray.

Useless Collectibles: So you finish the game, collecting relics and unlocking costumes. And then you reach the end, and you learn that if you replay using any of them, you'll disable trophy support. So trophy hunters, be prepared for a long slog. Oh, and there's a set of collectibles that would make your life easier, except you can only use them on a replay of the same difficulty. Oh well.

Overall, this is a good game. It's visually stunning, and the story is a fitting conclusion to an epic saga. Could it have been better? Probably, but it could have been a lot worse; and Kratos' final sojourn into (and murder of) Greek mythology deserves to be played for the life of the PS3.

Reviewed by: Michael Busuttil

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    Here's my review...

    Short, boring, button-mash-fest... traded.

    That is all.

      Hence your review did not get posted, and this thoughtful one did.

        Awww dont be like that Yens. Mega sadface :(((((

      I will assume then that you didn't play it on either Titan or Chaos mode. Its definitely not a button-mash-fest on either of these difficulties.

      Short, yes, the game was not overly long but it wasn't stuffed with useless filler quests or grinding sections to increase its length.

      Boring!?!? Are you sure you were playing God of War III? The game moves from set-piece to set-piece with very little down time between them, keeping the pace high. The game is most certainly not boring.

        No, I only played the default difficulty, until I failed the fight with Zeus about 100 times, then let it go down to easy ;)

        I found the combat repetitive, the weapons too similar to each other.. Bayonetta was much more fun.

        And what's with the wings? There are whole levels where Kratos is flying around, but then in other levels, one misstep, and you plummet to your death down a chasm! What, did he suddenly forget he has these massive wings on his back? Did they suddenly stop working? Stupid shit like that in videogames just ruins the whole experience for me.

        I did enjoy some of the levels and set pieces, but once you've seen them that's it. There's not a lot to inspire a 2nd playthrough, hence the reason I traded it back in on Just Cause 2 ;)

    Next review, maybe mention the gameplay.

      Honestly, I figure going into God of War 3 you know what to expect by now. If you didn't like God of War 1 and 2, this probably isn't your cup of tea.

      (Also, 500 words is not a lot of space.)

        I agree with your 'loves' the gameplay is certainly no slouch, but what you've listed here were the big things for me too.

        The gameplay in GoWIII is good, maybe even great, but its still just the same quick-time-event laden tappity tap from GoW original. It works excellently in the game, but he hasn't really changed much over the years (except for obvious tuning etc).

    Hercules is in it as well, voiced by none other than Kevin Sorbo, sans long flowing hair (and blow dryer).

    As someone who has played and loved God of War 1, 2 and Chains of Olympus, I can say that I was completely underwhelmed by GoWIII.

    It's a great game, but to me it's the same great game I've played through about 6 times already, and it's just really boring now.

    That, combined with the stupid idea of having that amazing battle at the start of the game, made the game seem like nothing but grinding.

    Personally I thought it was too long. I wanted every puzzle and annoying enemy to over before it started, I just wanted to power through to the set pieces, but fuck the game has some padding.

    Again, it is not a bad game, it's just well trodden ground. Anybody who is just entering the God of War series is in for a treat, anybody going back to it will be all to familiar with everything you see.

    Haha, bought it today along with Metro 2033. I was going to be disciplined and wait until Friday night and then go crazy with it, but your review made me want to play it right now. Nicely done :) I only hope that the fact that I didn't pay the first two won't detract from the experience.

    Review was about spot on, well done!

    Your negatives were also on the money; the stuff you unlock are nigh on useless and/or pointless.

    I played it over a few afternoons, so didn't really notice the short length.

    Kratos is one of the worst platformers of all time. If there was a river Styx nearby after a cutscene, I jumped into it, to my death. If there was a ledge you could fall off, I did. The Icarus wings are the most frustrating and faulty device of all time.

    Only other thing I would mention are the random jumps in difficulty. It seems as though GoW3 keeps a counter on how long it has been since you last died, and then cheeses you at some random point in a boss or mob fight.


    I can't believe you guys are dissing the game :|

    If you want long games play RPG. I thought the length was perfect. About the game, you retards should see the making of the game to understand that how much efforts goes in to making such huge set pieces. SM has delivered one of the most polished games this gen imho. And this game starts right from where GOW2 ended so yes they will have similar gameplay. I don't understand that people can play the same FPS game over and over again but don't find it boring and call GOW3 boring :(

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