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This review was submitted by Chris Gobbett. If you’ve played Resonance of Fate, or just want to ask Chris more about it, leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Resonance Of Fate (PS3)

Just when Final Fantasy XIII may have made you lose faith in the potential of JRPGs, Tri-Ace and Sega come through at the right time with this gem of a title.


Steampunk: There's nothing like the charm of a world in the future which requires giant spinning cogs, neon lights, and a gritty haze; a transitioning day-night cycle adds to the immersion.

Tri-Attack: The fight system is innovative without being gimmicky, where thought and prior-planning is far more rewarding than simply grinding and levelling-up.

Uncharted's Nathan Drake: Well, Nathan Drake's voice actually. Nolan North voices one of the main characters (Vashyron) in Resonance of Fate; the other voice actors are of equal high calibre, and if you're a complete Japanophile there's the option for the Japanese voices with English subs!

Snappy Lines: Her: "Do you guys want me on offense, or defense?" Him: "Leanne goes both ways, good to know..." - awesome one-liners which actually fit the characters, and never get old.

Missions Ahoy: Being mercenaries-for-hire, there's always plenty of missions to be accepted at the local bar for extra experience, weapons and clothing. Else just zip through the storyline missions for the 'quick' play-through, where there's enough chapters to keep you busy for 25+ hours.

Mr Music: The orchestral score matches the towns, characters and storyline perfectly, and in true steampunk fashion morphs into gritty techno when required. Brilliantly done.

Blue Steel: With the vast array of outfits and accessories, coupled by the slow motion mid-fight poses, you'd be forgiven for thinking that you'd interrupted a Vogue photo shoot. Stringing together a 200+ hit combo has never looked so stylish.


Story? What story?: If you're taking your time with the side-missions, you wouldn't be the first person to miss the main storyline; there's no impending doom like many RPGs, so at times the storyline's direction seems a little vague.

Tutorials: Given that the battle system is a little less straight-forward than the usual attack/magic/item selection, it's a shame that the tutorial is pages of text rather than something visual; e.g. pictures or movies. Tutorials aren't the kind of things where you want to find yourself stuck and wondering what to do. Like I was.

Difficulty: The difficulty level between fights is up and down like a ferret on ecstacy; while you'll trounce random encounters without breaking a sweat, many boss battles will have you retrying over a dozen times until you've finally developed a winning strategy. And blisters.

It's a shame really, because difficulty issues aside, Resonance of Fate is in my eyes a much better game than the newly-released Final Fantasy sequel. Snap it up if you're even mildly into JRPGS; it won't take long before the steampunk charm works it's magic, and you watch the hours and days disappear.

Reviewed by: Chris Gobbett

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    I'm really loving this game and I deffinally agree when it comes to the review sound pretty precise

    I'll pick this up when I can afford it, sounds pretty good. I do, in fact, need some more faith in JRPGs after FFXIII.

    David, what happened to the best reader review draw of March? We're mid-April now and they still haven't been drawn!

    while I thought this was an excellent review, the piece of dialogue used to illustrate the quality of the writing is bloody awful. “Do you guys want me on offense, or defense?” Him: “Leanne goes both ways, good to know…” - classic bullshit JRPG banter

      Chris here - cheers for the feedback, thought I'd answer this one.

      I guess the one-liners left a lasting impression on me because they were funny and memorable, as well as suiting the characters; that particular one suits Vashyron to a tee. Plus he comes up with the witty comments both in-fights as well as in cutscenes and story segments.

      Agreed, one-liners aside, the quality of the writing is great; I didn't mean to give the impression that the whole game is full of sexual-innuendo and crass jokes. 500 words only goes so far... :)

    Ferret on ecstasy is probably one of the best terms I've heard this month.

    Nolan North's voice is awful (for that character anyway, I'm sure he has a wide range but for him it just doesn't the main character AT all). Currently the Japanese voices are locked for me but I think I'll change them when I can.

    And it'd be nice if the main character's themselves dressed steampunk. I guess you can change their clothes later in the game, not sure if you can get steampunk style though.

    Just started playing it. I'm loving how hardcore it is- too many games hold your hand too much these days. but i do wish it was possible to retreat from boss battles- i get stuck into a battle i can't win and if i give up i lose like an hours prograss.
    Even though i have no idea whats going on, its still miles better than ff13

      For the boss battles - save LOTS. While it may sound obvious, Murphy's law being what it is means that the moment you don't save, you will be guaranteed one of those nasty fights.

      At least it's a little consolation that it's fairly predictable when you'll come up to a boss fight. Just how hard that fight will be though is a bit of a suck-it-and-see situation; you won't know until you've had a crack.

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