Reader Review: Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom

Reader Review: Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom
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Do you have what it takes to get a review published right here on Kotaku? Alastair does, as he double teams Chun-Li and Morrigan.

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This review was submitted by Alastair Christie. If you’ve played Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom, or just want to ask Alastair more about it, leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom (Wii)

Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom is a 2D fighter featuring characters from Capcom and anime powerhouse Tatsunoko. Due to licensing issues, it was considered the game that would be never be localised, but Capcom shocked many by pulling it off. Was it worth the effort?


A New Challenge(r): Played Street Fighter IV? Probably yes. Mastered SF4? Probably yes, too. Then put it out of your mind, including Super SF4 and its ‘new’ characters, just for a moment. You may yawn at TvC only having three attack buttons, but stay awake long enough. You’ll soon realise there is a whole new set of characters to get to know and a new fighting system to master, in particular relating to the fighter tags.

It’s Not Street Fighter 4: And that’s a good thing? For sure. Deep down, us Australians are underdog-loving and tall poppy-cutting people. SF4 is the king. TvC is the total underdog: not a numbered Street Fighter; not in HD; on Wii; full of kinda nobodies never in fighting games till now; only three attack buttons. Perhaps I received too many hidings in SF4, so I turned to the battler. Yet, like your characters, who can inflict eight billion damage, TvC punches way above its weight.


It’s Not Smash Bros.: And that’s a bad thing? Sort of. I love TvC’s characters, but I lament what might have been. Viewtiful Joe and Frank West (!) = Absolute Win. No Leon, Wesker, Megaman, Zack, Phoenix Wright, Dante, Gene or Amaterasu = Less good. Phoenix was only rubbed out because his objection attack is too long. Capcom have a legendary history, which they touch on briefly, but they could have taken inspiration from Nintendo’s fan service fighter.

Rinse And Repeat: You need to finish the game many times to unlock all characters. Seeing as how single player is merely training for multiplayer, it feels excessive. Not that the training availed me much!

No way was Capcom’s effort for nought. Certainly it won’t realise the same sales or acclaim as Street Fighter IV. I won’t say which is better, but I found Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom sufficiently different to enjoy both. Capcom deserve big props for finally giving Wii a brilliant non-Virtual Console fighter.

Reviewed by: Alastair Christie

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  • no offence, but this is one of the worst reviews so far.. no real detail in any points on why to grab it, or why not to grab it…

    kind of felt like a long winded way of using the hand horizontal, palm facing down, rocking side to side motion..

  • after reading this review i am still no wiser as to whether this game was good or not. ‘its not smash bros’?? thats something you hated? that the game is not another game?

    the review is just husk with no actual information sorry.

  • Ok.. i’ll put it in the simplest terms ever.
    This is a VS game =P So if you liked the previous VS games then chances are you will most likely have a ball with this one.. Now for the slightly in depth..

    That being said It’s definitely “simpler” compared to its predecessor having a smaller cast. That being said it’s a GREAT cast of people (and what do you mean no Megaman?! He was there! Megaman Legends version anyway.. and Zero is also a ‘hidden’ character xD) and I find it’s a bit more balanced (though some are utterly cheap) and no clone syndrome ala Smash. Also fans of old school anime should be able to appreciate some of the Tatsunoko faces like Jun and Joe from Battle of the Planets/G-Force, Cassharn and Tekkaman Blade (aka Teknoman for you ppl who used to watch Cheez TV =P)

    It’s still good fun although it may seem like having 3 attacks (plus partner button) limits your play.. its far from it. As you can still do the patented VS dial-combos..but this time you can mix in stand and crouch attacks together. It is also very comedic as a game and doesn’t take itself too seriously (as can be seen from the endings and characters! ie. Gold Lightan’s GOLD FINGER! xD) but still makes for a fun fighter.

    If your after another fighter w/ a bit more depth besides Guilty Gear XX on Wii this is definitely a good buy. Unless of course you detest the VS system xD

  • Megaman is a starting character.
    This review was a prime example of how not to write a review. “I loved this game because its an underdog to SF4. I hated this game because its not taking the Smash Bros to character rosters.”
    Apart from mentioning the use of only 3 buttons, no gameplay at all was mentioned.

    • Not necessarily.. having played the game I can understand some of his comments specially the roster some of those characters from Capcom side were rather obscure unless you played them beforehand or have been playing the VS series to see their cameos (like Batsu from Rival Schools, Momo and Megaman Volnutt from MM Legends =P)it would’ve been nice to see some of the more popular characters as well…

      That being said i still wouldn’t go for the full of nobodies bit =P It’s only ‘nobody’ because aside from 80’s anime fans barely anyone would know that Tatsunoko line-up.. even then there are some rather famous names (as I mentioned Joe and Jun, Cassharn and Tekkaman Blade were released and fairly popular when they were dubbed in english and shown on TV). It’s a nice mix of known and niche in there if anything its definitely more of a “fan” tribute to both licenses because its easy to point out famous characters.. but its a lot more fun picking out the lesser know faces and go “hey I know him/her!” =D

      If anything the only real flaw i see is the fact that the review seems to take the approach of you’ve actually “played” or “know” about the game xD

  • In hindsight, I’m not happy with the review. I wished to avoid long winded explanations of the mechanics, but what I wrote about wasn’t very helpful. Basically, I really liked the underdog vibe the whole game has, compared to its illustrious rivals, but I wanted to see more of Capcom’s history mined, like they did in Namco x Capcom.
    Will do better if I write more reviews.

    • @Al: Really? For such a small cast it was mined quite well IMHO… you got your standard SF cast in Ryu and Chun Li, Alex for the SFIII fans, Batsu from the classic (if rather obscure) Rival Schools, You get characters from all 3 older versions of MM – Roll from MM Classic, MM Volnutt from Legends and Zero from X, Morrigan from DS, Viewtiful Joe, Onimusha, Lost Planet, Dead Rising and Saki =P That is a nice combination of new and old, popular and obscure right there. And we haven’t even begun to touch the Tatsunoko side.

      IMHO what really disappointed you was that there wasn’t as much characters in there to choke in the more ‘popular’ ones from their western released games… i mean look at your suggestions Dante, Wesker, Leon, Amaterasu… they all have one thing in common ‘popular’ western Capcom series/releases like RE, Okami and DMC. But no love for Batsu who came from one of the more fun original and often overlooked Rival Schools? Also overlooking Zero? That guy has been one of the most asked for MM character in fighting game =P Just because they weren’t released in the west or sold as much didn’t mean they weren’t popular characters (heck just look at Saki!! she’s a character from a Quiz show and she has been a mainstay since MvC2 xD) “All-stars” is always about balancing about the popular and the obsucre.. going by your example if Smash took the same route would we even see Ness and Fire Emblem crew at all? both characters have never seen the light of day outside Japan and were “new” to the western audience.

      Also I really wouldn’t call TvC an “underdog” as a VS game it actually plays fairly well on its own… there is a LOT of mix ups and systems you can do on VS games (and it rarely ends up as a turtle and poke match like SFIV) it just gets very messy and flashy.. as with all VS games =3 Heck if you have a decent connection you can even try your luck versing people on the leaderboards xD

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