Red Dead Redemption Multiplayer Has A Posse

If you thought Red Dead Redemption's single-player looked exciting, wait until you get a load of the extensive free-roaming multiplayer Rockstar has cooked up. Posse up!

I loved the free play multiplayer mode in Grand Theft Auto, and Red Dead Redemption's Free Roam multiplayer is a lot like that at its core. You and a bunch of other cowboys, riding the range. But instead of being a standalone game mode, all other multiplayer activities are tied into this Free Roam multiplayer. Form a posse and go hunting, or participate in team deathmatch shootouts, or just ride around, looking at the pretty scenery. It's all up to you.

That's the sort of freedom I can get behind. That's the sort of multiplayer that pushes Red Dead Redemption past a 'must buy' to a... I don't know, a 'really must buy', in my book at least.


    yer day one buy for me too!


      this sounds so much better than GTA IV
      the multiplayer has sold me even more... why so long for this news to be announced though?


    I'm gonna be mighty disappointed if this game doesn't live up to expectations... :(

    Yeah still not sure about the MP, GTA was ok, but it got boring quite quickly.

    SP is the thing that has me excited for this!

    Cannot wait - I even ordered a new loungesuite to arrive in time for me to park my behind on to play this...

    is this coming out for pc?

      Good question, I've been wondering this too. Iv'e seen it listed as both a pc as well as console only title.

      Nope, it hasn't been announced, but like like GTA4(and all GTA's) it might come out later in the year for PC.

    Great trailer. Very eager to give this a play. May is going to be a hectic month.

    This is looking very promising, just 2 things though 1. Quality of AI on single player 2. Saving the game points ?

    See what you can achieve when you get a group of people gathered together in a place with no aircon, slave wages and only 15 min lunch break in a 23 hr work day ? Good stuff Rockstar !

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