Remember To Register Your Ratings For Next Year's Madden Rookies

The first round of the NFL Draft is by now winding down, but remember that EA Sports' ratings guru Donny Moore is considering community feedback when he sets attributes for this year's rookie class in Madden NFL 11.

Donny Moore, the studio's ratings guru, posts his projected ratings in the position's relevant as each pick is announced, giving players the option of voting it 5 points higher or lower. So, sorry, you can't go in and give Tim Tebow a 40 in everything just because you hate Florida.

The best attribute for Tebow, incidentally, picked 20 minutes ago, is an 88 in throwing power. He gets a 53 in accuracy and a 60 in awareness also. So, regardless of what the 2007 Heisman Trophy winner becomes in the NFL, he is not going to be one of the better quarterbacks in next year's Madden. Tebow looks more valuable as a wildcat-style throwing running back, which is how a lot of draft analysts touted him.

Right now, the highest starting attribute to any player is a 97 in acceleration for Clemson's C.J. Spiller, taken ninth by the Buffalo Bills. Spiller also has the most 90 ratings, six, tied with Eric Berry, the Tennessee safety taken fifth by Kansas City.

Donny's taking ratings for draft picks through the first three rounds of the draft, and you can register your feedback on the first-rounders and the rest through the weekend.

Madden NFL 11 Draft Experience [Official Site]


    We need to be able to rank all the way to round 5. Because there were some steals in the 4th and 5th rounds. for example, Miami got a FS who was very underated and was a beast on film. We need to expand to the other rounds to rate them as well.

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