Report: Call Of Duty 7 Goin' To Vietnam

The next Call of Duty game from World At War developer Treyarch is reported to take the popular first-person series to the Vietnam War.

While Activision is still a day away from officially revealing the game, VentureBeat writes that Call of Duty: Vietnam will make its debut in this week's episode of GameTrailers TV. Not too surprising, as we've heard rumours and been witness to leaks that the seventh major Call of Duty game will be set during the Vietnam War era.

Like previous Call of Duty games, Kotaku has heard that the game won't be isolated to just one location. Portions of the game are rumoured to be set in Cold War Russia. A teaser website tied to the next Call of Duty title was launched earlier this month by Activision.

Coming soon: Call of Duty Vietnam [VentureBeat]


    Reminds me of the circumstances surrounding Men of Valor.

    yeah that's great, but where the hell is the map pack for mw2? wasn't it meant to come in todays PSN update?

      Not until the 4th actually... xD
      5th Internationally xD

    secondhand purchase for me

    But how will I get my COD satisfaction if I don’t have my boot lodged firmly in a Nazi or unspecified Middle Eastern terrorist’s ass?

    The Vietnam War really doesn’t lend itself well to the whole “America kicks ass” theme most of these games go for these days.

    yay i like vietnam games
    creepy jungles and napalm and spike pits oh my

    Meh. Get back to me when its Future Warfare and we're shooting pew pew lazers and all that jazz.

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