Report: Machinarium Refused For Xbox Live Arcade

The studio responsible for last year's indie adventure/puzzle hit Machinarium says that Microsoft refused the game for Xbox Live Arcade after six months of negotiations. "They don't want to support games which aren't Microsoft exclusives," the studio chief alleges.

"Microsoft just refused Machinarium for XBLA after a half year of talking with them," Jakub Dvorsky told the site "They like the game and know it would be very successful on their platform, but they don't want to support games which aren't Microsoft exclusives. Machinarium isn't, since we've also released versions for Mac and Linux. We have another option to approach some big publisher to bring the game to XBLA, which is quite absurd to do and lose maybe a large part of revenue because of that."

Machinarium was one of 2009's most acclaimed indie games, taking home honors for Best Visual Arts at the Independent Game Festival. Luke also loved it so much he sneaked it onto his honeymoon (check out his review of it.) If this is on the level it sounds rather shortsighted on Microsoft's part to turn it down simply because its PC version is also on something other than Windows.

I have emailed both Dvorsky and a Microsoft rep for comment or clarification. Anything that's said will be updated here.

Machinarium Refused for XBLA [ via GameStooge]


    What do they mean "games that arnt Microsoft exclusives"? There are plenty of XBLA games on PS3 network as well!

      Without saying much, the company I work at was planning for a simultaneous release of a game on both XBLA and PS3 network. However, I’m under the impressing that we weren’t allowed to, because only recently (the last few months) Microsoft has implemented an unwritten, or maybe now written rule that “You give us an exclusive game, or we won’t let you go on XBLA”, although I would have thought they wouldn’t have been so stupid to pass up a game that is sure to make some money… I guess they must REALLY hate Sony…

      I’m also guessing their reason of thinking this way is they believe that most companies will go with them over PS3, because they think XBLA gives higher profit to company’s then PS3 Network. So people will be forced into an exclusive game.

    This makes no sense as games like Peggle have been released on every platform under the sun (and then some), yet you can buy that on XBLA.

    Oh my god.
    That is the stupidest thing I've heard in a long time. Microsoft, I have a kick in the nuts with your name on it.

    If this is how microsoft is going to do buisness then their not going to have a good run.
    This game was great regardless whether or not it is on systems other then microsoft.

    With this mentality they might as well only allow games that are microsoft exclusive on 360. Bye bye EA games etc

    Well other than Microsoft saying something like "Microsoft doesn't comment on speculation"... I hope they have a really good excuse for not releasing it on Live, bunch of tarts.

    Lame. Well, people are better off buying the pc/mac collector's edition. Cheap as hell from usual online outlets and sports a pretty concept art book, poster, and soundtrack. That's my plug for the day :D

    the real reason is that the game is really bad. its not fun at all. the puzzle solving just really sucks.

      blasphemy! one of the best adventures to come along since many a year

    There must be some other explanation, there has to be.

    I'd say they've misinterpreted the reason - or just want to try and make bad press for Microsoft. Anyone with half a brain can clearly see games on XBLA - or even the new GFW download system are across multiple platforms already.

    Trials HD, World of Goo, Defense Grid, Monkey Island, Sam & Max, Serious Sam, The Maw, Darwinia, Puzzle Quest.... just to name a few that were available on Steam a long time before they appeared on XBLA.

    Yeah cause Mac and Linux hold a major percentage in OS market share! Pfft... and of the small percentage of Mac and Linux users - how many of them actually play video games on them, let alone Indie games.

    It's a great game :), but I think the article might be spun a bit out of Microsoft's favour. We don't know the real story, I'll wait for Microsoft's comment before passing judgement.

    I'm thinking its either they didn't at least settle for timed exclusive, or DLC cannot be free.

    ah here i was thinking MS was slightly less of a big evil corporation with XBLA supporting indies...

    this is really disappointing. xbox live really has the potential to grow the independent games market - look at the popularity of braid. too bad that this fantastic game won't have an equal chance at success.

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