Report: New PS3 Makes Console Cheaper To Run, Build

Sony has apparently released an updated model of the PlayStation 3, code-named CECH-2100A, which makes the console both cheaper to run (for you) and cheaper to manufacture (for Sony).

Because the console's graphics processing unit has been reduced in size from 65nm to 40nm, this new model of the PS3 will use less power, and thus also be less likely to overheat, which in turn means it needs less cooling.

These changes also translate to a reduced manufacturing cost for Sony, though whether it's enough to finally make the machine profitable for the Japanese company remains to be seen.

【訂正あり】RSXが40nmになって消費電力が下がった新型PS3(CECH-2100A)を分解してみた [PocketNews, via PlayStation University]


    i'm still deciding on whether to send in my broken 40gig to get fixed.. (for $250 *rolls eyes*) or grab a new slim... leaning towards the slim option, especially if there's a price drop coming soon...

    well to be honest i'm not happy about either option, considering how much money i've sunk into the thing (rock band/guitar hero controllers, buzz, numerous PSN purchases, not to mention the 36 games)..

    Since this fails to mention the use of computer style CPU pin mounting bracket thingies (whatever the hell they're called), I can only assume that regardless of the reduced heat production, it's going to result in the exact same problem. Until Sony fixes that, there's no way in hell I'm going to buy a replacement for my PS3 that died thanks to the YLoD, which, as we know, is caused by thermal expansion and contraction. You'd think that since they aren't allowed to use decent solder, they'd take the other safe route, but obviously they're more about saving a few cents per unit, rather than keeping their customers happy...

    I just did that for my 650gb, I thought about it for a second. But the Memory card slots and backwards compatibility pushed me to the $250.

    The console now is much quieter, and the fan doesn't kick in as much. I don't know why?
    anyone flavor a guess?

    What I want to know is when they will update the blue-ray laser and HDMI hardware to conform with the new 3D standards. I'd recommend the PS3 to people if Sony would update the new machines, but as it stands I can't in good conscience recommend an outdated piece of kit.

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