Report: Nintendo’s New 3D Portable Hits This October

Report: Nintendo’s New 3D Portable Hits This October

Nintendo’s venture into 3D gaming, courtesy of the recently revealed Nintendo 3DS, will hit as early as this October, according to a new report citing a “very senior publishing source”.

CVG says it has on good authority from multiple “industry sources” that the Nintendo 3DS, which won’t require 3D glasses to display potentially dazzling three-dimensional effects, will arrive before the holiday shopping season and well before the March 2011 release window that Nintendo set for itself. Nintendo plans to show the device off at this year’s E3 expo in June, plenty of time to hype up a fall release for the new platform.

The Nintendo 3DS, the successor to the wildly popular Nintendo DS platform, reportedly features a /”3D joystick” and force feedback, along with a 3D display, likely from from either Sharp or Hitachi.

Hopefully, we’ll see some games for the 3DS that will melt our eyeballs at E3. Maybe that third Golden Sun game Nintendo showed off at last year’s expo will reappear…

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