"Resident Evil: Afterlife" Trailer Doesn't Reinvent Game Movies As We Know Them

Now that you've seen the first images from "Resident Evil: Afterlife," gaze upon the first trailer for the film. Let's see: Swords vs. guns, Matrix-y bullet-time effects, driving rock score with fatalistic lyrics. Yep, it's a video game movie.

That zombie with that Little-Shop-of-Horrors shit going on with his face was kind of cool though. But pardon me if I'll be skipping this one when it releases Sept. 10.


    Huh, I was kind of looking forward to it, zombie apocalypse movies have always interested me (you know, after the zombies have already won) but this just looks like Matrix with zombies. Pass :/

    God fucking DAMN IT Paul Anderson.


    Didn't you say you were re-imagining the fucking series? How is this any fucking different?

    Resident Evil is not about psychic warriors, slow motion, action stunts and explosions. Do you even know what the fuck you are adapting?

    Not even the Tool song in the background can redeem your horrible failures.

    Ugh. Here I was hoping for something more grounded in escaping a zombie outbreak and uncovering the truth, and he regurgitates the same fucking movie hes made 3 times already.

    I just want a decent Resident Evil movie ffs. Is it THAT hard? I wouldn't even mind the voice acting of the first game if it had that level of atmosphere and tension.


      Not a Tool song. A poorly remixed version of A Perfect Circle's 'The Outsider'.

        @John: Ah true. I was angry and all I heard was Maynard haha.

          In fact, even to be pedantic, it's a mixture of A Perfect Circle's 'The Outsider' and Nine Inch Nails 'Just Like You Imagined'.

          That means it was probably mixed by Renholder, a friend of theirs that does the scores for awful movies like this. He also did the Underworld films.

          The music as an underlying point has implications for the quality of this film.

    Is anyone actually expecting this movie to be good?, it will just be another mindless action flick that people will go see and forget soon afterwards. You know they are really scratching the bottom of the barrel when one of their blurbs is that they used the same camera as Avatar.

    It looks like crud but I have to see it. Wesker looks pretty cool in it atleast. I really think there needs to be a specialized gamers movie team to make sure they do them right though. Its getting ridiculous. I was looking forward to Kane and Lynch as well until they replaced Lynch with a wise cracking dark fella aka Jaime Foxx.

    Well this appears to be pure garbage. I'm certainly glad they didnt decide to go with the reboot the franchise idea.

    LO freaking L

    Adding "James Cameron" is not going to save this movie AT ALL!
    Heck why do they still call it Resident Evil... oh just to draw those fanboys to see it, otherwise they will only get the suckers for bad movies like this. So in that case; not much money.

    I just don't get any of these movies. I'm not a big Resident Evil gamer so i don't really understand much of the franchises storyline, but from what i've played, it sure as hell does not follow any of the movies. It's just garbage!

    I don't even understand ANY of the movies storylines. I just thankgod and myself that i've never paid to see any of the 3 previous movies. 3D is probably the only thing that could save this movie - not the quality but the revenue it will make from the price of 3D tickets.

    I may cop a heap of poo for this, but I thought the third one wasn't bad. True, it had NOTHING in common with the games, but as a standalone film it was mildly compelling and had a cool Mad Max vibe going on. Plus it was directed by Russel Mulcahy of Highlander fame.

    THIS one on the other hand looks a bit more like droppings. I won't start on the whole "3D is really f***ing overrated" path, but it's clear even from the trailer that all the action set pieces have been created in such a way to maximise the amount of stuff flying at the camera.

    Not to mention they end the trailer on a poor man's version of a stunt that looked ten times better when we saw it in The Matrix: Reloaded.

    Seven years ago.

      You're not the only one. I quite liked the third.

    Let's hope they get Wesker right in this one. I'm certain the film will be horrible (Why would a trailer boast what camera was used?) but they had better get Wesker at least vaguely right this time.

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