Resident Evil Creator Had Too Much Freedom For God Hand

Cult hit God Hand was one of the last titles released by Capcom's now-shuttered-subsidiary Clover Studio. Shinji Mikami, creator of Resident Evil, designed the game. He now has regrets.

When it was released on the PlayStation 2 in 2006, God Hand was met with positive to mixed reviews. Fans, however, appreciated the zany and quirky humor.

"I've released a lot of titles before and I feel that, perhaps specifically with regard to God Hand, I was given too much freedom to make that game just as I liked," Mikami told Edge in a recent interview. "It didn't sell too well."

The game allowed players to knee enemies in the 'nads and then punch them into space.

Mikami is working on a sci-fi third-person shooter called Vanquish for Sega and Platinum Games.

"We're definitely going for something a little more mass market that will appeal to a wide audience," Mikami continued. "Certainly a bigger one than God Hand had. We [Platinum and Sega]knew that these were points we had to address from the very beginning, and Vanquish is a result of that."

So think of Vanquish as Shinji Mikami having less freedom than for God Hand and trying to sell more game copies. Less freedom, more sales and more vanilla?

News: Mikami: God Hand not mainstream enough [CVG]


    I hope that while they make Vanquish appeal to the mass market it doesn't lose that Clover/Platinum Games feel to it. I like their games because they're unique and feel different from any of the mainstream stuff.

    However, it's probably the quirkyness of their games that generally lead to their low sales.

    As long as it's a quality game and all goes well for Platinum Games, then I'm satisfied.

    i rented god hand years ago and i found it to be average, but at no point did i feel that it was comprimised because of the directors visions. I guess its too fine a line between what will sell and what the director had in mind as the original idea. I would rather have a game be designed as it was originaly intended end end up loving it than be changed to become a "mass market" game.

    Isnt that the whole point of different game genres?, so you can find what you like. Besides was god hand ever the kind of game that would have mass appeal?

    bah! it was merely poorly publicized - Just try to see if you can find copies of this or shadow of the colossus! There's a reason for that:)

    one of the best-est games I've ever played.
    screw the plot and bring in the lulz!

    So basically hes sorry he didnt sell out sooner as it didnt sell as well as he had hoped.
    Now hes sold out, and wants us all to know this so that we wont make a correlation with his previous non-sold-out persona.
    Thats sad.
    And God Hand rocked.

    Don't worry Shinji, you got my dollar. I loved God Hand.

    +1 for love of God Hand! Hilarious & fun

    I've got two of the songs from Godhand on my mp3 player, and they pop up occasionally on shuffle and make me smile (the normal song that plays when you're running around, the silly, happy, fast paced one, and the credits song "Not Alexander")

    I... never even heard of it. And I tend to hear about things!

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