Resident Evil Movie Director Ready To Develop Games

Paul W.S. Anderson is famous for two things: Being Mr. Milla Jovovich and making movies based on video games. He's now keen in spreading his wings and create video games.

"In the future," the filmmaker told MTV News, "I want to be developing intellectual properties that will occupy both spaces simultaneously." Anderson has brought survival horror series Resident Evil and fighting game Mortal Kombat to the big screen.

"I've been actively involved in the gaming world for 15 years now, talking to developers ever since 'Mortal Kombat,' so I think I have a very good appreciation for what their needs and what their concerns are," says Anderson. "I think I really do know how to join the two medias, [games and movies] , together in a successful way, and that's what I'll be working on in the next few years."

Anderson's next project The Three Musketeers is too far along to make a game-move collaboration possible, but he hopes that he'll be able to do that on his version of sci-fi serial Buck Rogers. Buck Rogers has already gotten version game versions, including 1982's Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom.

"Buck Rogers is something that's starting from ground zero right now, so that's definitely something that I would be considering doing," says Anderson. "Really my approach to bridging the two medias is from 'Buck' onwards." His version of Buck Rogers is penciled in for 2011.

'Resident Evil: Afterlife' Director Working On 'Buck Rogers' Video Game [MTV]


    If it'll get this hack the fuck out of movies... sure. I can ignore the games he makes...

      but u cant ignore his movies?

      He has made the only good movies based off games (maybe this isnt true for the mortal combat movies).

      Noones else makes games that pay true homage to the games they are based off, case and point uwe fucking boll.

        I'm sorry... in what way were the RE games similair to the films!? At ALL!?

        Are you implying the Mortal Kombat movies weren't good?
        Because, the first MK movie is just about the only decent film adaptation of a video game!

        What about the silent hill movie? That seemed more true to the game than the resident evil movies did.

          Silent Hill had nothing to do with Paul Worthless Shite Anderson.

          Mortal Kombat was an interesting piece of fluff. Again it was nothing like the videogame but it was serviceable. Funny though how you never saw Goro from the waist down due to budget limitations lol.

          And don't defend Andersons work dude, he's one of the biggest hacks in Hollywood. RE 1 2 3, Ultraviolet, Deathrace (admittedly slightly enjoyable but still trash)...

          Like I said, if games gets him out of movies, all the better.

            The Resident Evil movies weren't the worst films ever made. Also, Anderson had NOTHING to do with Ultraviolet which was written and directed by Kurt Wimmer. Okay, sure, Anderson isn't the greatest film maker but compared his adaptations of games to films like Street Fighter, Super Mario Bros and any film by Uwe Boll.

    “I think I really do know how to join the two medias, [games and movies], together in a successful way"

    I'm not so sure. The first Resident Evil movie wasn't too bad, it was entertaining, but not true much for the following 2 movies. Not to mention it seems like he took a few ideas from the games and then just wrote a 'cool' script around it, often times ruining good characters, ie Nemesis.

      The first one worked well as a good 'side' story to the original Resident Evil. You could still believe the main story with Chris and Jill happened and Alices story was another, however yeah, he totally screwed the pooch otherwise...

      And Mortal Kombat? Well, it was ok. A fun little movie. But absolutely no gore means it was less than what it could be... still... I did love Event Horizon (non game movie)

      No! Do not even allow his first Res Evil any credit! The Red Queen? No, just... no! Utter rubbish. Just, a little less rubbish then the next ones.

        You are, of course, right Sughly, when one has a giant pile of crap to compare, one must of course, pick the least crap one, then the least crap one seems to be a diamond despite its turdness...

    NOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooo!!! How do people like him get money, let alone ip's, to make things with!? Oh, the injustices of the world.

    His B/S all about chicks hi-kicking "zombies". How about following something like a story like the game Resident Evil 2 and use horror elements and unknown but talented actors. There. Perfect. Give me a few million dollars, not that jacka**!

    Paul Anderson Resident Evil movies BORE ME.

    And I LOVE Milla.

    But Anderson making games--AAAAUUUUUGGGGHHHH!


    Does this mean he'll make a video game, then create a terrible movie BASED ON that game, then make an even worse game based off the movie of the game? It's a horrible, horrible cycle

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