Resident Evil Movie Producer Wants To Unite With Games

There are Resident Evil games. There are Resident Evil movies. What if one day they merged?

When asked if the upcoming film Resident Evil: Afterlife will be the final chapter in the film series, producer Jeremy Bolt replied that if there is enough demand, they will make another.

"We're not presumptuous enough to think it will just keep going," says Bolt. "But, one of the things that's pretty exciting is now we are working very closely with Capcom, so we have a very strong relationship and my dream is that I actually will make a version of this film that properly integrates a game and a movie, which has never been done to my knowledge."

"But I think we've showed them, we've brought things to their franchise, and obviously we've taken from their franchise and I think there's a good union, a creative union potentially there which I haven't fully explored," he continues. "So that would be my goal in the future."

Jeremy Bolt is quoted as saying that Resident Evil 5 is the best Resident Evil game since the first one.

Producer Jeremy Bolt on Resident Evil: Afterlife [][Pic]


    I've only played RE5 and didn't really like it that much. I like the first two movies though. A RE game based on the movies (mainly second one) where you play as Alice would be awesome. As long as it's fps or third person shooter. When I say third person I know the other games are in third person but I mean having the abilty to move and shoot at the same time and there been pleanty of ammo to use so there's more action.

      nah thats not a good direction for RE.
      But I don't blame you since you haven't played the original Resident Evils.

      The original games were scary specifically because you cudnt move to shoot and you had limited ammo. Enemies were scarce and strategically placed to build up anticipation.

      It was never about the action and fans are increasingly asking Capcom to go back to the horror theme and setting.

      RE5 was the first game i'd played in at least 5 years that didn't have anything in there that annoyed me which wasn't intentionally done to frustrate the player. The low ammo and inability to move and shoot efficiently I soon got used to and loved.

      Unfortunately in my second play through I started using rifles and discovered you had to put another round in the chamber before you went back into cover. That really annoyed me and I find it hard to believe it was done intentionally.

    Well, fans of the games would probably actually watch a movie that features Chris and co.
    I've heard from a few people (mostly female) that the Ressi movies are actually quite decent movies, but I haven't watched one since the first because it was so different to the games which left me feeling cheated.

      Take it for what it is. It's an adaption of the game. As a movie itself they're pretty good for action movies you don't have to think about :)

      Plus Milla's not too bad to watch either ;)

    @Andy: They are not good. Shitty plot, shitty characters, shitty acting, shitty scenarios. Thats not to say you can't enjoy them if you don't really want much out of your movies.

    The first one wasn't too shabby, but once it devolved in to Alice being a psychic warrior fighting in slow motion it became unbearable for me.

    It's straight up generic "action". You won't give a shit about anything thats happening, and if you've seen the Matrix then you've seen every fight the movies have to offer.

    The first resident evil movie stands as my favourite guilty pleasure movie. It's so unbelievably stupid. The horrible/hilarious performance of Michelle Rodriguez made me a fan of her for life. "I shot her six times and she was still standing!" "Bitch isn't standing now".

    The Resident Evil films are simply a bland Milla Jovovich vehicle because the director dumped his load inside her. The films are terrible, unable to engage the slightest bit of intelligence. Paul Wank Stain Anderson has done nothing but derive every ounce of imitable behavior from The Matrix. Since when did the Resident Evil games have kung-fu and bullet-time?

    Just goes to show Anderson is worse than Uwe Boll. And that's saying alot. The guy cannot build suspense. He just keeps making poor Matrix knock-offs. Well done Capcom for allow this monkey to wipe his ass all over a videogame series that really coul've had potential on the big screen.

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