Rumour: BioShock, The MMO

Rumour: BioShock, The MMO

According to a “a mysterious source”, game site Destructoid is reporting that 2K games is planning to release a massively-multiplayer online title based on the world of BioShock.

It is of course not the first time we’ve heard this; indeed, the last time we heard about it was from 2K itself, when back in 2008 the publisher’s parent company Take-Two spoke of the potential of a BioShock MMO.

It could work. I guess. It’s certainly the company’s most viable franchise to pin an MMO on, what with Grand Theft Auto surely off-limits thanks to the inevitable “beat a hooker to death” tabloid headlines. Question is, is 2K really planning this? And if so, the next question is: when do you set it? Before the fall of Rapture? Or after?

Because I’d much rather play the “before”. Or at least the “during”.

Rumor: BioShock MMO in the works [Destructoid]


  • If done, I couldn’t see it being a huge game, after all, where else would it go?

    That said, as a Guild Wars-esque game it could be fun. Small, but F2P.

  • 🙁 im trying to be optimistic but IMO Bioshock succeed in its awesome stoty but most MMO’s tend to fail in this department

  • Yeah I can see it, these things always seem to be a huge waste of money unless you’re blizz though.

    Mechanics would have to be changed completely though

  • It would be an interesting concept, playing factions against one another vying for adam.

    But it would be a quite limited space. The city would fill quite quickly so there might have to be alot of “raptures”. Maybe a thousand people in each citiy?

    otherwise it might get very crowded.

  • Whole mmo set in Rapture could get boring. Rapture a great place but there’s only so much underwater 50s city a person can take.

  • And as this is 2K we’re talking about, expect it to have a monthly subscription of US$15 unless you come from somewhere like Australia where they will have to charge you a regional premium price of $25 (just cause they can).

  • Oh most definitely before the fall.

    Perhaps with some crazy use of phasing you can help bring about the destruction of Rapture or some pvp action against Ryan’s thugs who are also other people.

  • While it’s an intriguing idea, I can’t really see how it would work. Rapture is by it’s own nature a very confined environment.

    I suppose if they were to open up the playable area to include the outside, and maybe introduce the personal bathysphere’s mentioned in Bioshock 2… but even then. Rapture is a civilisation that we already know has to fall. The ideas that the world revolves around, that would be necessary for it to really be a Bioshock MMO, are the same ideas that result in the end of the world. After all, the slugs equal Adam, Adam equals Plasmids, Plasmids mean Splicers, and Splicers mean the downfall of Rapture.

    Then again, I could just be completely missing the point. My thoughts on it are based off of it being a MMORPG,and on setting it before the Fall. I suppose after would allow for some more leeway.

    Anyway, this post ended up a bit longer than I started, and I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the most qualified person to judge the validity of a possible MMO. After all, I avoid the things like the plague. Not because I wouldn’t enjoy them… just because I know I’d get addicted. So that’s it from me.

  • Maybe it could start before, and then over the course of months get patched into the middle of Rapture’s fall, then later get patched again into the aftermath.

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