Rumour: Black Wii Comes To North America In May

When will North American Wii owners finally have a sleek black console that matches their black Wii Remote, Nunchuk and Classic Controller? Maybe as early as May, according to multiple retail sources.

Tipsters from Target, GameStop and Future Shop - as well as one shopper at FYE - tell Kotaku that a new Wii bundle is bound for the United States and Canada in May, one that will include a black coloured Wii console, first released in Japan in the summer of 2009. The new Wii bundle appears to include copy of Wii Sports Resort and a Wii MotionPlus add-on in the package. The new bundle is listed at $US199.99.

That new Wii package is scheduled for release in the US on May 9 and in Canada on May 23, according to those retail sources.

When contacted for comment, Nintendo of America did not offer one, only reminding us that Nintendo does not comment on rumours and speculation.


    The black wii has been available in Australia for a month or two now, it released with the black controllers, it is the same price as the white one too :) I had no idea North America hadn't got them yet. Ours only come with the original wii sports and no motion plus though.

      YAY! Australians got something before them yanks! Woot!

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