Rumour: Gears Of War 3 Adds Underwater Combat, Mech Suits

Epic Games is planning to reveal its next video game within the week, debuting it on national television, a game speculated to be the third Gears of War. What will Gears of War 3 bring to the popular third-person shooter?

According to a new report from Edge, Gears of War 3 will introduce new underwater gameplay mechanics and shake up the series' popular cover system. How? With the addition of new weapons that travel underground and a new breed of tentacled Locust that can overcome traditional means of cover.

Edge also writes that the COGs will have access to "a heavy duty mech suit" in Gears 3, all of this according to a "US publishing source".

That's apparently the same source that pegged Gears of War 3's coming out party for today, April 8. Gears of War designer Cliff "The B" Bleszinski was supposed to appear on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon today to unveil the developer's next game, an appearance that has been pushed back to Monday, April 12.

Epic Games showed off new features from the engine that powers the Gears of War games - and many, many others - at this year's Game Developers Conference. Those new Unreal Engine 3 tricks included new liquid metal rendering tech and better foliage for more realistic jungle environments.

We've reached out to Epic Games seeking comment, but have not heard back about Edge's claims.

Update: Microsoft says it does not comment on rumours.

First Gears Of War 3 Gameplay Details [Edge Online]


    MS don't comment on rumours yet they only say this on the few stories that has something to do with them, because well, it really is the truth or close to it.

    Besides, Epic would know much more than MS right now. Even if they are the publisher.

    Sounds interesting. But I don't think we'll be seeing Gears 3 this year. Early next is my best guess. MS has a pretty crowded Xmas already.

    the unreal 3 engine is getting old start making unreal 4 if you really wanna blow people away

      OT, Unreal 3 engine has gone through alot of changes, expecially recently. As Michael said, their latest release shows many new features, all which look top notch to the newer engines. Its no use releasing a new engine when the current hardware isn't changing.

      The best bet is that Unreal 4 will be announced whenever new hardware is announced. Its the only way that it makes sense.

      Not only that they have started work on UE4 - for quite some time now. They've mentioned it a few times in interviews.
      Obviously OT missed the screenshots of the newest package for Unreal 3 - yeah it may be dated - but what Epic have done recently, has actually brought it back up to standards.

      Then again Epic can't be blamed for why a lot of UE3 games look bad, they merely 'sell' it to the developer or however it works. It's then the devs option to push it to its limits, i guess the newest addition to UE3 will make devs do such a thing.

      BUT with GoW3 - does this mean IF true, that Epic are actually gonna CHANGE the game a little. I read an interview of Cliff's when Gears 2 came out and talking about the changes they made, which in wording sounded so drastic that although they happened they were so minor the game was exactly like Gears 1.

    'Update: Microsoft says it does not comment on rumours.'

    Ahhhh that old chestnut.

    Only tihng I care about is Epic says they are ditching matchmaking and going back to server listings (ala Gears 1).

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