Rumour: Killzone, Resistance Sequels Added To PS3's Greatest Hits Line

According to this scan from a new Walmart catalogue, Sony has just added some big-hitting new games to its line-up of budget "Greatest Hit" titles for the PlayStation 3.

Games like Killzone 2, Resistance 2, Infamous, LittleBigPlanet's fancy Game of the Year edition and even surprise multiplatform hit UFC Undisputed.

As with any other new Greatest Hits re-release, all the above will sell for $US30.

Yeah, it's April 1, but these are all quite sensible. And it was originally posted earlier in the week. So it smells pretty legit to us.

Return of the ugly red box: New PS3 GH titles [NeoGAF]


    They have always been on the greatest hits lineup havent they?
    I see them all the time in JB and i have a copy of Killzone 2 in that case.

      Yeah i've seen them as GH aswell in store. I think there was even an article on Kotaku about it being discounted...well InFamous anyway...

      But yeah in Australia anyway they're all Greatest Hits.

      Perhaps they sold well in the US that they didn't need to be reduced until now?

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