Savage Take On Defense Of The Ancients Enters Open Beta

Savage developer S2 Games is ready to bring its take on the defence of the Ancients Warcraft III scenario to the masses, with the launch of the Heroes of Newerth open beta.

The Warcraft III Defense of the Ancients scenario is getting a lot of play lately. A hero-centric take on real-time strategy that focuses on developing on unit instead of managing an entire army, the scenario has propelled titles like Riot Games' League of Legend to immense popularity, creating a sub-genre of RTS all its own.

Now S2 Games takes a shot at the sub-genre with Heroes of Newerth, a defence of the Ancients type game that takes place in the Newerth setting featured in the company's first two titles, Savage and Savage 2. The game looks gorgeous, plays quite fluidly from what I've seen, and now it's open to everyone who wants to give testing a try.

Simply head over to the game's website, fill out the beta sign-up form, download the client, and you're in.

I've played tons of League of Legends, and I've found the game format to be perfect for real-time strategy fans that don't have time for a full-on game of StarCraft or Command & Conquer. Heroes of Newerth is definitely similar to League, but hell, the more the merrier I say.


    Not a big fan of S2 or this game. Was testing it for a while, but they just kept making it worse, and effectively showed no talent as developers. The game has been in what is open alpha (what they call 'closed beta') stages for, what 5 months now? The only reason the community, which is pretty much just 12 year old brats, hasn't made a fuss is because it's been free.

    To be fair, the actual general game is ok, but there are many issues with it at the moment. Interfaces are not easy to use at first glance, and the inventory system is ridiculously confusing. LoL at least labels the items in categories, and I see no reason why they chose to not label the item categories more obviously.

    On the plus side, they did at least invent some new characters, and I have to admit the animations and art-style is growing on me. However this doesn't save the fact that they did nothing else to make the MOBA experience any different. LoL so far is the better game, but they are still in a Beta phase, so hopefully they resolve the issues (mainly interface related).

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