See Guild Wars 2's Elementalist In Action

ArenaNet reveals the first class for Guild Wars 2, the magic-hurling Elementalist, complete with new screens and extremely impressive video of the class in action.

The Elementalist harnesses the forces of nature to do her bidding. By attuning herself to one of the four elements - fire, water, air and earth - the Elementalist changes her role from direct damage to crowd control to area-of-effect caster to defence, all at a moment's notice. She's every caster, rolled up into one, and she's damn impressive to boot.

If the game turns out half as impressive as these videos, I might be in trouble.

Check out a couple of the videos and screenshots ArenaNet has released below, and be sure to hit up the link at the bottom for more.

The Elementalist [Guild Wars 2 - Thanks Ted!]


    Oh no! There's combat chatter!

    Hopefully they'll let us turn it off.

    People still play GW1. If the pricing is the same as GW1 - pay once play forever, I'll pick GW2 up for sure.

      It is, they've confirmed it.

      Damn I'm looking forwards to this game. I sunk more hours in to the first Guild Wars than I have for any other game, that's for sure.

    Yay! The game will actually come out!

    I cannot wait! And this class looks awesome :D

    Hey hey, I've always said to myself the phoenix skill should have more of a phoenix animation. No idea if that skill will actually be called phoenix but nevertheless, yay phoenix....yeh, ramblings of a guy lacking sleep.

    But anyway, hopefully this game turns out to be awesome, wouldn't hesitate to fork over my cash.

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