See How Project Natal Will See You

Look through the cute/creepy eyes of Project Natal and see how the Xbox 360 camera attachment will see you when launched later this year.

This shaky cam-captured demonstration, via Next Gen News, is from Microsoft's Think Next event that convened yesterday in Tel Aviv, Israel - home to Project Natal tech provider PrimeSense. In it, we witness the unglamorous side of Natal as Dr Ilan Spillinger, Microsoft VP Hardware and Technology, shows off the camera's ability to determine gender, track multiple persons with little latency and transfer that information to an Xbox Live Avatar.

Also take of Spillinger's ability to become incredibly animated himself, even though he probably sees Natal working day in and day out.


    I don't care what people have against the Natal idea, but that's some sweet technology right there.

    I was a sceptic but.. Now I see

    I think Natal will be cool - especially coupled with the voice recognition aspect of it. I see it as something to enhance current games as well as being something that can extend the current experience further then what is possible with a wiimote or move.
    I also think the haters who say that MS are copying need to check history - I'm pretty sure MS was ahead of the pack with motion control gamepads way before Nintendo and Sony thought of them when they developed their sidewinders in the days of Motocross Madness...

    wow, all i saw was a webcam

      There is a massive difference between seeing and understanding as far as a camera is concerned. And in comprehending technology too, it seems...

    It will be more interesting when I see some cool uses of the technology. I approve of the ideas presented here but the number of good motion controlled wii games makes me wary of all these new systems.

    the tech behind the wii was impressive in its time too, but like the wii, it's more about what uses devs will genuinely put Natal to in game (please, no more waggling and flailing games, OK?)

    Once again though, it's another brightly lit stage with white folks marching in and out of Natal's detection range. There have been anecdotal concerns that poor lighting or darker skin colour have thrown the recognition system off; as a non-white dude, I wanna see that aint so?

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