SEGA Wants To Put Your Face In Conduit 2

SEGA Wants To Put Your Face In Conduit 2

SEGA Australia wants to personalise your copy of upcoming Wii shooter Conduit 2. One lucky Aussie will have his or her face in the game.

Head over to the competition website to enter. You have to describe in 25 words or less what you’d most like to see in Conduit 2. (Boring! No limericks? No haiku? No three men walked into a Conduit jokes?) The winner gets their photo featured on a “wanted” poster in the game.

If a Kotaku reader wins, make sure your photo has the Kotaku logo in it somewhere. Please.

Conduit 2 Get Your Head In the Game Promotion [SEGA]


  • The entry mechanism might be a little mundane but you have to admit the prize is pretty inventive, the PR team can’t use ‘all’ there creative flare on one promotion 😉

  • Thats cool. I thought it was going to be in-game, like an NPC that doesnt speak or something… they would so butcher the face if it were like that. lol.

  • Three men walked into a conduit.

    They all got electrocuted and died.

    Some one should really put up a sign.

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