Seven Jump Ship To Form Modern Warfare Developer’s New Studio

Seven Jump Ship To Form Modern Warfare Developer’s New Studio

It was only a matter of time. Having recently established a new studio to get away from former bosses Activision, Modern Warfare creators Vince Zampella and Jason West have wasted no time recruiting seven of their former Infinity Ward colleagues.

Those seven are:

– Todd Alderman, lead designer on Modern Warfare 2

– Mackey McCandlish, lead designer on Modern Warfare 2

– Mark Grisby, lead animator on Modern Warfare 2

– John Paul Messerly, lead animator on Modern Warfare 2

– Chris Cherubini, lead environmental artist on Modern Warfare 2

– Rayme C. Vinson, software engineer on Modern Warfare 2

– Jon Shiring, programmer on Modern Warfare 2

Judging from the comments left on the men’s various Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, work at the newly-formed, EA-backed Respawn looks set to kick off on May 1.

You kind of get the feeling they’re not going to be the last developers to jump ship.

Confused? Need more background? You can read up on our complete coverage of the Activision vs Modern Warfare legal battle here.

UPDATE: Seven (And Counting) Ex-Infinity Ward Employees Join Respawn [G4]


    • Mayhaps for different levels etc?

      Or maybe for different things, one lead designer may be designing the army, one may be leading the design team for the terrorists, one for the vehicles etc.

      • Probably lead designer for single player, lead designer for multiplayer. Animation may be lead ingame animation and lead cinematic animation.

  • Good for them, I’m happy to hear it. The way things are looking it seems that this will almost be better for Zampella and West in the long run.

  • LOL @ James Mac… dude’s got a point.
    Perhaps add a ‘Co-Lead Designer’ next time?

    This is great news – just hope some lawsuit from Activision doesn’t prevent them from starting any work. Articles have been saying about stealing employees and its in their contracts they cannot take IW employees for like 2 years or something like that??

    All i hope though, is for whatever new they work on, its MUCH better than MW2 and they prove MW2 wasn’t just their big screw up and it was, mainly Activision’s fault for the things wrong with it.

    Then again, MW3 will most likely get released before Respawn’s next game cause Activision will like to catapult on MW2’s success and then we will know the answer straight from the horses mouth for the reasons of MW2 (and probably MW3) being so craaaaaaaaap.

  • Call me crazy, but with EA putting a tonne of effort on a Medal of Honour reboot, and BBC2 selling well for them… what are the odds that Respawn are working on something non FPS?

    Either that or their new title is to go in the in-between period for Medal of Honour / BBC releases? Perhaps they could release one each 3 years… that’s plenty of time between games that the market won’t get saturated (I’m looking at you Tony Hawk / Guitar Hero)?

  • So in 4 years time we will all be whinging about how Respawn need to do something new and stop catering to EA’s whims…

    It’s the Circle of Life.

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