Should She Be Chainsawable?

It's not a given that a war video game will have female fighters, but if Gears of War 3 does, the designers will have to decide if they will have equal opportunities to experience the game's signature actions...

...such as chainsawing people in half and being chainsawed by them.

We don't know if this new female soldier pictured above in the Gears of War 3 trailer will be playable in the new game. Lead designer Cliff Bleszinski did tell NBC Late Night host Jimmy Fallon last night that "we have female soldiers finally in the game, by the way... a lot of the fans have been asking for that one for a while."

If you were on the Gears of War 3 design team, what decisions would you make regarding the female soldiers?

Gears of War 3 will be out on the Xbox 360 in early April 2011. Check Kotaku's Gears of War 3 news round-up for more.


    Kind of a damned if you do, damned if you don't scenario, isn't it?

    Either way, the developers run the risk of being labelled mysogonist... or worse.

    Ill be offended if you cant chainsaw girls. I mean, how sexist would that be!?
    It will be like Resident Evil 5 all over again. All through the series we could shoot white zombies, but God forbid we shoot a black zombie!

    I expect, no, demand equal chainsaw rights!

    Equal rights and all that. If the women in Gears can handle the massive armour, bullets etc surely they can handle being hacked into little bits!

    Gore for all!

    Epic havent said that the female gears are playable.

    FYI the female pictured is Anya Stroud, which is Marcus and Dom's control contact throughout Gears 1 and 2. Interesting design choice definitely...

      I guess that means that in the story, humans have become so desperate that they're fighting for their lives and everybody has had to pick up a gun. Makes sense to have her fighting then.

    I'm not looking foward to the rule 34 that will come because of this. I'm thinking it will be very bloody.

    Equal Rights, right?

    Girls have the same right to be chainsawed as men do...

    If Females so urge for Equal rights - then let them eat cake. You join a War as a soldier, you die in a war as a soldier - no matter how that end happens, same as everyone else.

    While all the main characters have slightly different armor (never did see dom use that knife), I hope they don't make the female armor emphasise her chest.
    I'm not against fanservice, but not in Gears.

    Equal rights; in most games you can kill women as easily as you can kill men. (Think GTA, BioShock) so why should you not be able to kill women in a game?

    I'm with the equality between the sexes crowd. The great leveller between genders is how they fall to bits under the teeth of a chainsaw

    err... so I've heard

    the police need not get involved here...

    Hahah yeah is going to be one of those things where it makes perfect sense in the game.... but if you play it in a 5 second clip on the evening news out of context? EVIL.

    I don't think this is purely an issue of whether or not Epic do it, it's what kind of press they'll get if they do.

    I don't think Epic has any problem with dismembering women in their games, but when the mainstream media and even those in charge of age ratings get a hold of footage showing a woman being chainsawed in half with viscera going everywhere, they will think it's somehow 1,000,000,000 times worse than what they have already seen men doing in GOW 1 and 2.

    Yeah; I'm not too worried about this... I must say tho that I love the design of Dom; It's almost as if he has lost all hope and has nothing left to live for with the death of his wife. He's really let himself go. I like how they have 'tweaked' Marcus too so now you can see his arms. I can't help but feel tho that the conclusion of this will be Halo-esque with Epic introducing a 3rd race. Furthermore I can say I really want a Matrix style conclusion to gears of war where humans make peace with the locust. Lame. Kill em all I say.

    Maybe they should just make her less pretty. Honestly... like a woman would look that nice looking and clean in a world like the one in Gears of War. I hate it when films and video games do that.

    The females should be equally 'chainsawable' as the male characters. Females are, after all, fighting for equality...

    off with their heads!!!

    seriously i'm so sick of double standards in political correctness...

    being politically correct = no fun

    Sheva can be chainsaw'd in RE5, but people might have been too focused on racism to notice. They'll probably be equal in dismemberment rights.

    Is she a classy lady?
    | |
    | |
    | |
    | |
    YES NO
    | |
    | |
    | |
    Chainsaw her

    Either I have deja vu, or we've talked about this before in some way.

    Regardless, in order to be politically and gaming correct is to make her chainsawable just like all other characters. If she can fight, she can die.

    We've been able to Gib and dismember women since the earliest of Arena shooters, I see no reason why this should change now.

    It's all fair in love and Gears, and I'm sure we all believe in equality. But this is a subject that has been taboo in most countries for a long time. Similar to the act of killing babies and animals (the killing of innocents).
    Women have always historically been a symbol of life bringers, nurturers and careers.
    The grim reality is that most people around the world (excluding certain religions) would be emotionally shaken by seeing a woman killed, or injured in some way.

    Aesthetically speaking, I personally found that the "chunky" design that has been given to the GoW series is its signature. Using female models would look out of place.

    If they dont allow the female characters to be chainsawed they are discriminating against women and therefor being (all technically speaking of course) sexist....

    So in the name of keeping the peace all women should maimed, burned, blown up.

    Maybe instead of chainsawing, they can be knocked over the head and dragged off to a cave for making babies.

    Because that'd be as stupidly sexist as not having chainsaw-ed animations for the females.

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