Skate Scenic Port Carverton Next Week

The new city of Port Carverton opens its doors to careful skaters next week, when EA drops a single and multiplayer demo for Skate 3 onto Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network.

Skate 3 hits North American retailers on May 11, but skateboarding fans can get an early taste on April 15, when EA open up Port Carverton's University District to hordes of unruly board riders. Players can learn the basics with the Skate School featuring Coach Frank, and then take their newly-acquired skills online in challenges including Domination, Own the Lot, and everybody's favourite way to hurt yourself, the fabled Hall of Meat.

Players can even personalise the University District with 24 different items, using the game's new object dropper.

Considering I normally buy a Skate title, play it for a few hours, and then slide it into my collection, never to be heard from again, it sounds like this demo should do me right. Thanks, EA!


    I can see why some people will play for a couple of hours and chuck it in the collection. But for me, the series is a whole lot of fun and I can waste many an hour 'sessioning' a spot.

    I guess this comes from me being a skater back in the day when my knees were good.

    I am looking forward to this title, not sure how new this 'object dropper' is... the last title had the same sort of thing in being able to move objects around here and there.

    The soundtracks on these games are awesome too! BRING IT!

      Ezylee, the object dropper will be so insane, if you loved sessioning spots in S2, then this will just take every spot to another level... sure in S2 you could drag an object over, but if that object was not for miles... you had 2 options drag it for half an hour or go with out.... with S3 it is simply done by hitting the start button going into the menu, picking what you want (rail, ramp, kicker, Shopping trolley) and pushing the button and it drops it right in front of you... thus increasing the ability to experiment with spots to an amazing new level.

    Skate was an off the cuff purchase for me (ps3). But man, it has to be the most used game I have on ps3 believe it or not. Like EzyLee, I can spend ages just goofing off, trying to break a ridiculous length manual across the entire map etc...

    Just yesterday, I went to every damn shop at Fountain Gate, trying to find Skate 2. But no one has it! I've never really wanted number 2 because I am still having so much fun in number one, but it would be nice to get it before number 3! If anyone spots a copy in my area let me know! :)

    I own both and eagerly await the third. Its just a game you can play for hours on end and never get bored, which is pretty much the key to a great game.
    I hear number three has a simulation mode, which should be interesting.

    i think the best part of Skate 2 was its hall of meat party play. Cause then i could play with friends and they didnt have to spend hours getting used to the controll scheme. Brilliant.

    (yay Skate 3)

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