Smart Lady Sets CNN Straight (Or Tries, Too!)

What did CNN decide to do after covering out-of-print Japanese adult computer game Rapely years after the title was originally released? Follow that up with more blown out of coverage with an expert's opinion.

Unfortunately for CNN, the expert, Grand Theft Childhood co-author Dr. Cheryl Olson. knows what she is talking about.

"Parents, we've got to warn you about this video game because your kids could get their hands on it," anchor Mike Galanos ominously warns over shredding guitars in a segment titled "Parents Outrage Over Rapelay Video Game". Galanos goes on to explain the object of Rapelay, while adding, "You can't get this in stores — anymore, anyway — at least it was online."

"Kids, they can still download this," Galanos continues. "That's why we must get to the bottom of this. How easy is it for our kids to possibly get their hands on this?"

That's right, with all the questionable things on the internet CNN is wondering how easy it is for children to get their hands on an out-of-print Japanese erotic game. A game that was never intended for children. Cue the expert guest! Make that, the sensible expert guest who is actually an expert and actually knows what she is talking about!

"One of my concerns," begins Dr. Olson, "is that kids generally never hear about this stuff unless it gets this kind of publicity." Thanks for the publicity, CNN! Dr. Olson goes on to say how it wasn't until politicians mentioned the Grand Theft Auto "Hot Coffee" mod that thousands of people began downloading it. And after that argument was defused rather quickly, Galanos turns to everyone's favourite chestnut: violent video games.

Responding to Galanos' question about what violent video games do to our kids, Dr. Olson answers, "We've had concerns about media violence and content ever since the paperback novel and the gangster film." She then explains how it's normal for boys to play violent video games and how crime is now down, but does point out that it is possible for an individual child to be affected.

"We don't want in this country, censorship, where someone's trying to figure out well, what's violent, what's not, what can my kids see, and going down that slope," adds Dr. Olson. "That's not the American way."

Instead, it is up to the parents to take common sense steps like putting the computer or the game console in a common area of the house where they can monitor what their kids are viewing and playing. Common sense advice like this is helpful. Fear mongering from CNN isn't.

Dr. Olson Brings Some Reasoning to RapeLay Hysteria [GamePolitics]


    I am shocked, honestly shocked, that some one with some common sense actually puts forward the right argument and says the truth that is written on the wall. Obviously the publicity this is getting now will only make children aware of it - they followed the buffoons on Jackass knowing full well that they shouldn't.

    As far as I know, digital representations of child molestation is illegal in Australia as well, even if there is no child hurt in the act, the mere depiction of it is apparently illegal (though I may be incorrect here) and if it isn't, it would certainly be of interest to Senator Conroy.

    The fact remains that this abhorrent video game was never intended for children, the U.S audience and should never have gotten the coverage it has.

      Wake up Jeff! SA ex-A-G Michael Atkinson kept hammering at "rape games" all throughout the R18 gaming rating battle to his doom!

    I'm shocked that CNN (1) actually got a real expert and (2) hadn't prepped them to say what CNN wanted them to say.

      Maybe it WAS prepared? To make us people THINK we have someone intelligent on our side.
      I wonder how her "cnn-publicity" argument was defused "quickly"? Without details on this, i am led to assume that she's there to reassure us that someone is on our side, giving logical arguments, when it's just reverse psycology by cnn.

      What would be the point of this? Well apart from CNN getting more ratings from audiences like us, they are making parents more comfortable with a "doctor's" opinion. This would also make her money through her book.
      Seriously, we know what's right, and for such an argument to work, we need people like US arguing - not some doctor CHOSEN by cnn to counter a story made by the media giant

      Seriously, they've been in the business for years. Having a non-prepared interview is the LAST thing a media company like cnn want. They tell us what's right, they don't give us the choice to make our own decisions.

    Wow, good on her! I'm wondering if they were expecting her to say those things.

    Streisand effect! the more you say its bad, the more interesting it becomes.

      Kinda.. the Streisand effect is more that the more you try to censor content on the internet the more available the information becomes..

    And she didn't appear on an Australian talk show with Michael Atkinson before he quited WHY?

    Surely if we can fly Gabe Newell to Australia we can fly this EXPERT over to Michael Atkinson's house to b*tch slap him.

    That interview really shows CNN's true colours.

    He starts up of the bat talking prodding about how "the war games" are harmful to kids, and setting a tone of fear for parents about how "easy" it is to download Rapelay.

    Then at the end, when Cheryl Olson was offering sound advice to ease parents fears, and practical advice for the topic of discussion, the CNN douche cuts her short and ends the interview.

    In my book, CNN is as bad as Activision.

    Wow... now there's something I didn't expect. A REAL expert on one of those "bash the video game" segments. A shame that the idiocy seems to have infected even AU newspapers

    On a tangent though... seems SMH (yes SMH/The Australian.. i expected a lot better from them >.>)has caught up with this "viral" game and linked it to the Conroy Firewall. And adding a nice "non leading, non biased oh definitely won't make me look like a pervert" Poll at the end asking "Would you support the firewall that would block this material?"

    TEENAGER: Wow, a rape simulator game? I never thought such things existed, now I need to go look for it online! And CNN were even kind enough to tell me what it's called so I can find it more easily! Thanks CNN!

    Obviously someone at CNN accidentally got someone on who knew the topic. Kudos to Dr. Cheryl Olson!

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