Someone In A Bikini Hug Pillow Case Walking Through Tokyo

Well, one side is a bikini outfit, and the other is a maid costume. Before you say, "This is so strange", realise that there are people in Japan people saying the same damn thing. Oh, they are laughing, too.

Have a sense of humour serious people! Especially for clips posted on April 1st.

Japanese game publisher D3 Puplisher Publisher has posted this short clip of someone wearing a hug pillow cover case of Dream Club character Mian as she walks through what looks like Tokyo's Shibuya.

The case then visits D3P's offices. As it would. Dream Club is a Japan-only virtual hostess game for the Xbox 360. Hug pillows are body pillows that are used for hugging.

ドリームクラブ 魅杏さんがやってきた!‐ニコニコ動画(9) [NicoNico Douga]


    I’m not really up to speed with my batshit crazy memes to come out of Japan these days, all I know is that 30 rock dedicated a whole show to this freaky pillow love and it was hilarious.

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