Something Is Missing From The New Left 4 Dead 2 Poster

Here's the original poster for Left 4 Dead 2's new downloadable content, The Passing. Below you'll find the new version Valve has just released, which is missing one key element. Potential spoilers ahead!

Keen-eyed Kotakuite M.u.s.o.u.k.a noticed a change between the original poster and the new one that's appeared on the official Left 4 Dead 2 blog. See if you can tell the difference:

That's right, only three of the original survivors are silhouetted on the right side of the poster, while previously all four were represented.

We knew that one of the original survivors wouldn't be making it to The Passing, but we weren't sure who. In the upcoming downloadable content for the first Left 4 Dead, the choice is left up to the players. In the Left 4 Dead 2 DLC, Valve has made the choice for us.

You guys see Zoey anywhere?

Now, as Crecente points out, Zoey might just be very slow, and hasn't arrived yet, but I'm thinking that slow and Left 4 Dead don't mix, and Zoey is no longer a going concern.

We'll find out for sure tomorrow, when The Passing goes live for the Xbox 360 and PC.

Update: Folks are reporting seeing different characters left out of the poster than the one we seem to be seeing. I've tried three different computers so far, refreshing on a regular basis, but have only seen Zoey missing so far.


    Francis is missing when I look it up.

    Is it possible the missing survivor mutates, thereby allowing the player to achieve the mutator achievements.

      Just read the blog, seems the mutators are the new game modes. Whoops.

      but zoey is immune to the infection

        So are the rest of them - but shes not immune to getting ripped to shreds by a hunter now is she?

    Apparently the picture changes on the page every 5-10 minutes.

    Gabe is just trolling us.

    i saw confirmation last night on the pcpowerplay forum thread for L4D2. the character sillouette's change. very clever valve
    As if they'd give something like that away!

    Its the 22nd now in AUS, im guessing the DLC is not available as of yet. I really want to smash this when I get home this arvo, what time AEST you think it will come out? I played some scavange last night and it was so good, really re-kindled by L4D obsession, want this DLC now! Oh, glad its free on PC too, otherwise the backlash would have been massive at valve, poor old xbox.

    Yeah, Coach's arm is missing, oh wait... but seriously, the poster just cycles between all the survivors or one being dead. Im guessing its either Louis (as his name is on a wall in Swamp Fever along with several other listings that could have been added by the original l4d gang) or bill (he's old).

    "According to Chet Faliszek, while the Survivors are interacting, Nick and Francis have some unique interactions, and ELLIS GETS A CRUSH ON ZOEY."



    We know for sure that neither Francis or Zoey will die, as the member that dies will be dead at the start of the l4d2 campaign (they will die during the l4d1 DLC) and it's kind of hard to interact with the l4d2 survirors when you are dead. So it's either Bill or Louis, and my money is on Bill

    How about we kill the four survivors from left 4 dead 2 and then have the original four take their place? Can't stand any one of the new characters, will happily bludgeon them all to death if I can get my original team back.

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